At what point does a shoe become a boot?

Discussion in 'General' started by duck hut, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. When its is above the ankle and made of leather with indestructible strings? :(
  2. When my dick shits on itself.
  3. Idk,a boot is just a boot.
  4. ...when it goes above the ankle I would think
  5. wrong. totally wrong.
  6. Cause I'm rude, obnoxious, with an intent to kill!
  7. In the words of red foreman... "When it goes in your ass."
  8. that would make hightops boots.

    when the laces extend up your calf, maybe?
  9. Well, if it's appropriate wear for, say, a boot party, then it's definatly a boot. Anything else is suspect.
  10. This thread is ridiculous lol
  11. When a mans wearing it

  12. Until this answer is found this thread will stay open 24/7. I'm even trying to obtain a grant from the government so I can sit on my ass and smoke pot all day while I research this mind boggling question.
  13. Well now this thread has some reason.

    In my opinion, it's based on the company, whether they call it a boot or a shoe.

  14. But we can't have each company set their own slandered because things could get all willy-nilly. One company would be calling something a boot that another would call a shoe and then there'd be the boot-shoe riot of 2012 caused by all that end of the world talk.
  15. Oh. I kept reading the title wrong...I read it as "At what point does she become a boot". Now that I'm not stuck on stupid and can fucking read, I still don't get the joke here. If there is one? :confused:

  16. I was high, it was a series question at the time. :smoke:

  17. It brought me here?

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