At what point do you give up?

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  1. Blades, for you, at what point do you decide its time to give up on a person/move on?

    I honestly have no clue when i should give up on someone and i was wondering what your breaking point is.
  2. My breaking point is after I give the final message and if she still doesnt wanna make things work thats when you move on. For example girl says your too shy for her but you like her ALOT so you lay it down on the table and tell her you can change but she still says nope sorry well thats when you move on. You dont wanna be that creepy dude that doesnt get a clue bro. Cant force someone to be with you.

  3. Ah, yeah, i get what you're saying but i meant it the other way around.
  4. Same concept. Just move on because he obviously doesnt deserve you if he doesnt want you in the first place. I know its hard to let go of someone that doesnt feel the same as you but trust me your better off letting go.
  5. Wait, are you talking about already being in a relationship and wondering when to give up or give up on a potential one?
    Honestly, for the first one: whenever it stops being fun, and the negatives outweigh the positives. Or when you stop feeling super "Nnnnngh they're so hot!" about the person (but usually I try to figure that out before).
    If you're kind of waiting on someone who you wanna be with, well... It sound silly but it's usually whenever I can't take that kind of personal torment of always waiting. When you're just like, "Fuck this. I can't. No. They're not worth this kind of aggravation.", that's when it's done.
    Also, just remembering that there's always someone who'd jump your bones at a chance to be with you... that always helps! :D
  6. If you ask yourself is it time to give up, that's the time to give up. Life is short, don't waste your time.
  7. I never even try lol.
  8. That "ugh they're so hot" feeling goes away from every relationship. You notice their flaws but you accept them.

    Obviously you still find them attractive but it's not rainbows and unicorns anymore.

    I think when a relationship feels like work is when it's time to stop wasting time.
  9. Believe me, it doesn't take much at all. Past relationships have left me totally heartbroken, cynical, and pessimistic when it comes to 'love.'

    There's one girl, who as I've said before in other threads, I'll never totally 'give up' on. I don't make any moves or anything just because since we've graduated she's gone away to college and shit, but God what I'd give to be with her. Even if a couple more years pass and she comes back here after she's done with college, I can see myself still trying to make a move. No lie, I've been head over heels for this girl since first grade, you have no idea what I'd give to be with her. Not even in a sexual way, well I mean yeah lmao I'd make sure she was fucked good and as many times she wanted, but just because it's her. Any time I'm around her or when I have been, I instantly smile and my brain goes full-retard, that's how I know she's the one. :p

  10. Yeah, but I mean like... when you stop wanting to jump their bones every corner. That's when that "nnnnngh so hot" moment is gone. Not just the initial lusty phase, you know? :3
  11. I love my boyfriend, am physically attracted to him but don't want to "jump his bones" all the time.

    I think that's for the beginning stages of the relationship.

  12. That's probably where you're fucking up in the first place. You're telling her what you can do different to meet her needs. That wreaks of desperation, and implies a lack of experience.

    They're all going to say 'nope sorry' to that.

    Don't put the pussy up on a pedestal.
  13. The point at which you need to call it quits is when you articulate your needs and someone isn't willing to fulfil them.

    If someone isn't eager to want to be with you, thne they're not worth it.
  14. when you hate them more than you love them
  15. Men often struggle to know when it's time to move on and leave her to the past, men who fuck up and facepalm have probably already killed the passion in her heart for you, but women are usually too nice to just come out and say that and if you're in college, or high school or if you travel in the same circles then it can be downright torturous having to see your ex so often, so uncertain what to say.

    If you fucked up and she no longer makes time to see you, ignores your advances and acts cold towards your presence, then I believe it is time to be quiet with yourself and make a conscious decision to finally move on.

    Best of luck to you~
  16. Loving the variety of answers! At the time of posting this, a girl that ive been going on dates with was pissing me off and i was, and still am, just curious about what blade's input was
  17. Both of you need to give more to the relationship than take away from it to make it work. If you all don't care enough about each other to do this you are doomed to failure.
  18. I guess when those feelings of attraction aren't really there any more. When the impulse to continue working through bad moments, the caring, the support/listening, and openess/trust aren't there then, it's time to move on.
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    So many different things are signs that you should end a relationship.

    In my case it's when the other person doesn't want to put any effort into the relationship. They say that there's no more passion, it's boring etc...relationships are like jobs, if someone isn't doing the work then things aren't going to work out.

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