At what point do you get most of the "bulk" on your buds?

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  1. I think I'm about week 7 or 8 on a 13 week sativa, running out of room to raise my lights (These things have already trippled from their veg size, if not more. At least 6 feet tall) and while I have a lot of little buds, its just that, little buds, spaced apart, without much frost on the leaves. I'm hoping these will stop getting taller, and maybe start spending more work on the buds. I have a lot of them, just kinda worried I'm going to end up with a bunch of popcorn and not much else.

    You can see my main cola in the first 10 seconds of this video (Took vid for the sick plant section) [ame=]YouTube - IMG_0521.MOV[/ame]
  2. It's always the last 2 to 3 weeks of the weeks needed ;)
  3. Thank you :)

    One other question, are they finally going to stop growing taller? I'm thinking I might have to get a piece of plexiglass or something to put under my lights, as they're almost to the celing. That way the plants can push against it without getting burned.
  4. Well still still grow at the beginning of flowering. Tho eventually they should stop around week 3. If they dont that probably because you either have a sativa strain and dont know it or your feeding it to much nitrogen!
  5. It is a sativa strain. Arjuns Ultra Haze #1 to be exact. I'm starting to think that triple in height from veg to end of flowering might not apply. I'm gonna have to figure something out, maybe go buy some long flouresent lights from the hydro shop to place on the side, and let them grow up to the ceiling. First time growing ever, and I pick a 80% sativa... probably not the best idea lol
  6. Probably not tho you should get a nice crop if your plant is touching the ceiling. Just let it grow and next time start them off into flowering at a smaller height. What height did you start this one?
  7. Right around 20". Wish I could take a clone of the one that is producing, as I took some clones of the one the one that was growing bigger in veg, and it is producing jack shit. While the one I didn't clone has all the buds.

    Really don't want to start from bag seed. Thinking of trying to reveg this one.
  8. You could still take a clone and try to revert it to veg tho its like 2 months in 18H/6H. Start the plant around 8'' into flowering!
  9. Any problem taking a node that has a bud going?

    I hear ya, I was thinking 10" max this time! The biggest thing I can take away from all of this, is I have learned soo much from this grow. I was only doing 2 plants, so figured 20" X 3 60" no problem. Wanted to let them get big and get some yield you know?

    Don't mind the wait to reveg at all, seeing as how I'd have about 2 months of veg from seed, and then seeing the difference between these 2 plants in production, I'm pretty happy with the female thats going good. Minus her wanting to be so tall! Men like their ladies short lol!

    Thanks for all your help Dr. Green?
  10. Try to find a node that has nothing if possible!
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    Will do. Hopefully I can find some that are not dead heh. Will do this tomorrow knowing this is possible.

    Also 24/0 is ok too right? Thats what I vegged in, found it easier not having to worry about lights off
  12. Your plants shouldnt still be stretching 8 weeks into flower, are you lacking light ?

    My guess is they are stretching for weak light source, though i could be wrong, Maybe to much nitrogen, but your stretch seems a bit much even for a sativa dom.

    you running a 400watt ?
  13. PS You can clone a node with a bud on it just fine, Like someone else already said, itll revert out of bud form and start vegging again, it takes a few weeks.
  14. Hmmm , I just watched the video...

    What nutrients are you using ? your PPM seems ok... It could be burning , But it looks like you got some Cal/Mag deficiencies possibly . and maybe more deficiencies ...

    and please, for the love of god, Pick those dead leaves off your plant, and any leaves that are over 50% yellow/Damaged.

    Your poor stretched girl is not only shaded by those, but struggling to keep them alive, etc.

    For 7-8 weeks into flowering, that plant is not right , it only appeared to have a few hairs , even 100% sativa plants would be showing some decent bud formation by his point.

    It looked like you were using only Large Cfl's , your plant being so tall, those CFL's are really losing power , if you look at the Inverse square law. Your plant is really lacking light even with the side lighting, It doesnt appear to have enough light for proper plant function...

    I hate to say it... but I would say to hell with that plant , cut your losses , and use it as a learning experience...

    ^^^ all that might be horsecrap, Im pretty baked , but you got some issues for sure. you should have heavy colas, even for sativa by now...
  15. I got so many arguments when asking about trimming off dead leaves. Most people seemed to say let them use up what nutrients the plants need, until they are totally dead. Using CFL's as my temps are high even with proper ducting (Have a pretty decent in linfe fan for 4" ducting, and 2 passive intakes. Live in the desert, gets quite hot, so went CFL's to keep temps down. And by now, there would be no room for a HPS bulb. It is a 13 week sativa)

    Thinking about redoing my closet for the next go around, or maybe building something in a spare room with PVC pipe and panda film, basically a big grow tent. Right now switchting to HPS isn't an option, more hoods, more CFL's etc... are. Going to the hydro store and getting some low heat lights is also an option. But thats about it.

    A buddy of mine used the same light, although growing white widow, 6 plants, no problem. Didn't think I would run into any problems with ligthing.

    Nutes I'm using... stealth hydro SH Hydroponics, Inc. like I said a friend used it for great results, and the start up wasn't much more than building it all myself all put together. I went to the hydro store and they recomended not switching nutes this late in flower as the change could stress the plant if they're used to it. Planning on going either GH, FoxFarms, or Humboldt next set. Would like to switch to HPS lights, but need to get some sort of portable AC unit to use that, and obviously switch to smaller plants going into flower.

    I've been shown some great grow ideas, but I think I'm going to like this strain, and they've mostly been used for indicas.

    Oh well, if Prop 19 passes I can put this bitch outside and let it get to 20 feet. No way I'm ditching the plant this late though. I can't smoke now, been on a ThC break for 6 weeks, so the few times I do puff up on this, I'm sure it'll be worth it untill I get it down.

    Any help/tips/advice welcome. I thought maybe something was wrong. I'm getting good nodes, I just had one I had to tie up because the buds were to heavy.

    Exact nutes
    Stealth Hydro Micro + Bloom.
    Sweet Purple
    Magical (Iron, Magnesium, Calcium. Hydro store recomended it because I use RO water)
  16. Should I cut the bud off or let it stay on as it reveges?
  17. I'll check it out. I saw the buds in your picture though of the clones, so that answers that.

    I ended up posting one after another, so I'm also the last person on page with replies to your help. Hopefully I can salvage something from this (If there is a light problem, which it may be, I'm sure CFL's arn't made for something this big, but I had read great things about them and had a friend use them on a different strain) and maybe switch over to HPS next grow.

    As for the dead leaves in addition for this (Tried to keep the dead leaves out of this topic as I have a post in sick plants here A picture is worth a 1000 words, how bout video. Sick plant - Forums) I originally thought it was a phosphorous defeciency, but it doesn't seem to be that, or just that. I struggle to keep my res temps low (again, desert. 110 is not uncommon here. High 90's just last week). For the most part things have been good though.

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