At what age were u left home alone, and for how long

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  1. Just curious, my son's 9, and I think I was roughly that age. Granted I was more experienced I guess u could say. I know everyones maturity levels differ.
  2. I stayed home alone everyday after school in 3rd and 4th grade, got super sketched one day though and wouldnt anymore ti; mid 5th grade or so
  3. I don't know. All I remember is the house catching fire and burning to the ground.
  4. Never.  Four older brothers.  But, we had a lot of fun.  I can't count the times we got in trouble for having water balloon fights in the house.  Bottle rocket wars, sunflower stalk wars, raiding gardens, Hunting for the "hairy man" by the river, playing kick-the-can, hide-n-seek, etc., etc., ad nauseum.  
    They taught me how to swim by throwing me in the river and shouting from the shore how to do it.  I almost died that day.  But I'm a damn good swimmer now.  :p
  5. not sure really. during the latter years of highschool i was alone for weeks at a time tho ... man those were good times 
  6. I was left home alone at around 9 or 10. I think for most people that is a suitable age

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  7. My mom was a bit of a worrier, I was probably like 12 the first time she left me at home alone for a few hours. I don't remember for sure though so... grain of salt. :confused_2: 
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    Kinda messed up. Just leaving your kid at the age of 9? I doubt he could even find himself a job
  9. I think I was around twelve, but then again my mom was always a little bit more cautious with me because I am her only girl. I'd say ten or eleven, depending on the kid's maturity level. Just leave a list of numbers he might need on the fridge if you do leave him though.

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  10. I was left home alone after school from 3rd or 4th grade on cause my mom got home 3 hours after I did and she was a single parent

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  11. About age 10-11.  My grandmother lived downstairs so she was always home but we didn't really need her.  I remember taking one of my dads cigarettes and lighting up I was probably about 9 at that time and no one was home.  Me and my younger sister took some puffs lol
    There were times other people were around and times people weren't.  Most often my grandma would be downstairs or one time I went and slept at my friends house overnight and he was never able to do sleepovers so that was cool.  At least he could never sleep at anyone elses strict ass parents.
    Anyway, one time I was around 11 home alone and there was  a phone call.  I don't think we had caller ID yet, if we did it was when you needed a separate box hooked up that would put the number up.  I pick up the phone and it's a telemarketer, he says "can I speak to your mother?"  I say no she's not here.  He says "how about your father?"  I respond, no he's not home either.  Then he goes, "no parents at home?  How old are you?"
    It was so standard to tell these telemarketers that no one was home, they might've thought I was lying.  But this guy started scaring me with his questions.  So I think I just ended up cursing him out and hung up.  He ends up calling me back telling me he's not your average telemarketer or some bullshit.  He was trying to scare me for being too young to be home alone.  I wasn't that scared of the police but I thought this maniac had my address and might show up at my house.
  12. Yeah man thank goodness they couldn't afford to bring me on
    holiday, I got so much street cred for holding smoke outs when I was younger, before then we'd only ever smoked outdoors

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  13. Im.not sure of the exact age, but I know I was in grade two when I started walking my sisters home after school, and watching them until around 6.

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  14. I started riding my bike to the public pool by myself when I was 7 and was left home alone with my younger brother when I was 8 or 9. I live in a small town though and when I was growing up there was very little crime if any. It's not like that now though you hardly ever see any kids out.

    [Fuckin' way she goes.]
  15. Never lok

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  16. Pretty much since birth.

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  17. was me and my brother until about 8 or 9 then he got kicked out and twas just me. my mom went out aaaalllooottt so it was just me alot, but it was cool. now i get irritated if i don't ever have my alone time
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    My brother and I were left home alone since the age of 8.
    Parents both worked until 11pm everyday, even on holidays.
    my brother and I did a LOT of stupid shit together, including blowing some transformers and killing power to the whole neighborhood.
    my dad was a plumber/contractor and had a lot of power tools lying around.
    Quick story:
    I was maybe 10 yrs old and it was 11pm, home alone with my brother. We live in the mountains where all the roads are dirt. Being in the mountains in Los Angeles, a lot of car chases ended up or went through my neighborhood. One time, the guy crashed his car while being chased by police and he hid in the neighborhood. Helicopters were everywhere shining their lights all over my house and backyard, cops had guns drawn, and me and my brother were scared shitless hiding in our parent's bedroom with some kitchen knives and hand tools ready to throw. Our front door is a sliding glass door, so it's very easy to break into our house.
    we hated being home alone in that house. there are no streetlights, no paved roads, and all the houses were built in the 1940's, so it was scary as shit to live there as a kid. We had all sorts of weird happenings. Mountain Lions ate two of our dogs. Coyotes snatched a puppy. At night, bats come out to drink water from my swimming pool, and my dog would try to catch one mid-flight (so we named her buffy). We were evacuated 10 times in my 20 years living there due to wildfires that destroyed a lot of my neighbors homes. We'd also find exotic animals drowned in our swimming pool every month or so (tarantulas, all kinds of snakes, rats, possums, frogs). fuck i hate that house.
  19. Like age 6 up

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