At what age did you first shave?

Discussion in 'General' started by michael68, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I'm 18 and still haven't shaved yet. I have a weird neck beard and facial hair going on and I've had several girls tell me it looks fucking weird. Also my friends make fun of me lol.

    So at what age did you first shave and start shaving more regularly?
  2. Uh, if they're saying that you should shave bro.

    Beard trimming is an art form.
  3. Soooo, girls are tellin' ya you look "weird" and you haven't shaved yet:rolleyes:
  4. you should shave if girls are telling you to shave honestly.

    But, I first shaved around 16-17. I still dont shave often, like every other week. I dont mind one bit either, fuck shaving. I can grow a mustache and everything too, it just takes a little while. Not trippin though.
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    seventy nine. Im alpachanian so i dotn need that for long time.

    also can we see a pic of this neck beard peach fuzz frubrillios
  6. Ya I'm gonna buy all the shit and shave tomorrow, and read some articles.
  7. I think I was about 14.5 or 15 when I first shaved.
  8. looks like some one is scared!!

    but i think i was like 14?
  9. Fuckin dirty neckbeards are on GC too?

    You can't escape them :(
  10. If you can't grow decent facial hair then you ought to be shaving until you can

    Come back when you have some adequate muttonchops and we'll talk
  11. I was an early bloomer, started shaving at 12 and had a ridiculously hairy chest by the time I was 16.

    Manscaping for me is a whole ordeal. It's a huge pain but I gotta do it for the ladies.
  12. started shaving 8th grade, fuck facial hair :( im native american we are supposed to be hairless lol
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    get them fucking manuals out bru:laughing:

  14. Pics or GTFO :poke: :laughing:
  15. I first shaved when my school called me in for having a neck beard.


    I've shaved regularly ever since
  16. Must be a private school.
  17. LOL so all the girls pretty much think your ugly, well Mary is your last option dude
  18. 13

    I'm a hairy dude.
  19. i started shavin my peach fuzz off my lip when i was 15 and i still shave that shit off like every other day

    im almost 20 now and it's not really peach fuzz anymore, but i couldn't grow a decent beard/stache if tired it'd look fuckin weird
  20. I shaved before I had any hair to shave when I was younger lol. I never really started growing a god amount of facial hair till I was 18. Im the only one here so far to pick 18 lol :p I fucking hate shaving though. Shits annoying.

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