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    So I'm easing myself back into smoking after battling generalized anxiety disorder for almost 3 years. It's like I'm having to retrain my mind and body that when I'm high, nothing is wrong. I've been under lots of stress the last few days and haven't smoked much at all.

    So I just laid on my bed, put on some Psychedelic tribal shit and took 2 really big hits of green crack out of my pipe. I immediately knew I was in for a ride because I haven't hit this pipe nearly that hard yet.

    Sure enough not even a minute after smoking, this shit hit me like a ton of bricks. What I'm battling currently is not letting the high overwhelm me and make me all anxious because I think my body and mind sort of confuse the high with anxiety. Anyways sure enough I started feeling a bit overwhelmed. That's when I made my mistake, I pulled out my heart rate monitor and took it and I really tensed up while I took it like I wasn't even breathing correctly and it was 112, just laying here in bed.

    That made me a bit nervous but I made myself relax and focus on my breathing and then I took it again and it was in the 90's, then high 80's, within 3 minutes of being 112. When this happens I try to tell myself that when I was 19-21 I used to smoke 10g a week and never had a bad experience until one day I had a panic attack. The panic attack started making me worry about my health and basically it turned into generalized anxiety disorder.

    What makes me feel like shit is if 2 big hits do this to me, how will I ever manage enjoying getting extremely baked like I used to? I used to fucking eat brownies all the time.
  2. I'm an oldie I'm an oldie I'm an oldiee
  3. maybe putting on some "psychadelic tribal shit" when you have anxiety isn't the best thing when you're easing back into smoking lol
  4. Idk man I have mad anxiety and have for years, I always smoke to treat the anxiety. But I have never had a panic attack.
    Put on some chill tunes get yourself a cup if drank, then get your slurp and smoke on. Also try hittin the pipe nice and smooth cuz you said you hit that shit hard l.
  5. Well, I think lot of it has to do with what type of anxiety you have. If you have anxiety over daily life stuff, weed probably relieves it because it's like an escape but if you have anxiety over the health of your body like your heart etc than weed can make it worse sometimes at least in my case because your mind keeps on thinking something is wrong with you but I'm starting to get better I think.
  6. In your case don't get yourself baked right out man. Take smaller hits pause, find where your happy place is and leave it at that until you come down a bit then hit it it again.
    It's all in the mind. Remember that.
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    Toke, as someone whose had panic attacks FROM pot, and not from pot, best advice I can give you is: your body knows how to breathe on its own, you don't need to think about your breathing.
    In fact, it's when I start thinking "wait, am I breathing enough" that my anxiety starts.
    I know that's easier to say than do, but just try keeping that in the back of your head. Your subconscious mind will take over, just like it does for your breathing. Humans weren't meant to think about their breath unless you're underwater or doing intense exercise.
    If you've never had an anxiety attack, you don't have "mad anxiety." You just have the same amount of anxiety as any other joe. 
  8. Why do you need to take 2 big hits?  Try taking 1 regular or small sized hit and see how you feel.
  9. smoke till you forget about it. I was having that issue and absolutely hated smoking for a while but hated not smoking too. but then I just kept going at it, forgot about it, remembered, realized everything was okay, and now I barely ever get panic attacks. If I do its not weed related.
  10. I'd say consider not getting "baked". I don't have anxiety issues per se, but when i get too high I feel like i do. Mentally I'm fine but the physical effect is too much. I find that just a regular hit or two (if its strong or a few more if its not) gets me right where i need to be...No anxiety, an efficient mind, and a perfect euphoria. Thats just been my experience but i appreciate weed a lot more now that i don't feel the need to smoke heavy.

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