At two 125mg Edibles almost 3 hours ago feel nothing.

Discussion in 'General' started by dabbeddabby, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. I'm started to get upset I bought 75 of these lollipops and I'm just not feeling anything 3 hours later I at around 8:30pm today it is now 2am took the first edible around 11 ish, 2nd around 12:30 why am I not feeling anything?
    I weigh 140 Semi fast metabolism I havent used cannabis in 2 weeks :(.
    I should feel atleast SOMETHING if these are underdosed.
  2. Will keep you guys updated.
  3. did u buy from a dealer or a dispensary
  4. Id choose not to say but you might know with this smerk ;)
  5. hmm u mightve gotten stained i never trust other dealers with supplying edibles bc theres too much risk unless u sample first
  6. might kms.
  7. just ate 4 more lol. they taste like weed sooooooooooooz i hope i wake up tomorrow high.
  8. Eat like 20 more of them and check back in.

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