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At Parents House, No Papers Or Piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yonardin, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Lighter and greens. Nothing to smoke it out of. What do you use ??? Hahah let's see all the creative and desperate skills! (I've used a carrot before :(
  2. Make a bong out of a water bottle? Any fruit or veggies laying around?
    Just dont do soda cans my man, good luck!
  3. Haha sadly we're all guilty of using the can or foil...
  4. A Apple......[​IMG]
  5. Dude you can make so many devices from things in your house. If you have an empty bottle, you have a bong.
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    Apple, a Soda Can (and you can even break the tab in half and use it to poke holes into the can!), or use an empty water bottle with a socket stuck into the side of it!
    I used the latter two a lot before I had a collection of glass. Apples just never seemed to work for me. 
    Or you can get some foil and turn it into a little pipe! Roll it around a pencil, pinch it a bit where the would would be, load and smoke!
  7. Hahah jizzle is definitely a vetern pro. I' ve done all of those. So funny how everyone has done all the same techniques..
  8. Bro, I've used a potato before. That mother fucker tasted like dirt.

    But it got me high ;)
  9. Making an Apple pipe is so easyyyyy. Plus Its munchie food right after ur done blazing.
  10. Foil, lighter, and a pen roll the foil into a pipe. Apple pipe(my favorite). Pear pipe. etc... 
  11. I guess all the tricks of the trade have been done over the years. I was hoping to hear something i never done before.
  12. Alright man, my buddy had this travel guitar. It was pretty small, but a piece of Shit. Horrible tone, and high ass action. Anyways he took out the input jack, used it as the carb. Loaded the bowls though the 6 peg holes on the bridge, and ripped a hit through the sound hole.

    He looks up and me and goes "Bro, shit tastes like maple syrup :)"

    Lol cracking up to this day
  13. Hahaha.. Now were talking!
  14. Ooo a pear pipe, Thanks. Sounds fuckin delish.
  15. If they have a wind chime take off one of the metal tubes and pop some yhatties or poppers, whatever you want to call them. Then all you need is a water bottle and a piece of a cigarette but that's optional  :bongin:
  16. Make a steam roller out of an epi pen case. They come in a nice hard plastic case, with a lid. Melt hole in top with lighter, stick socket in, burn hole in bottom end for the carb. You can easily fit a full sized lighter inside, and a gram. Put your shit in, close the lid, stick it in your pocket and you're good to go.
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    Get a socket, press into bottle cap, poke hole in bottom of bottle, put ganj in socket, fill bottle with water holding finger over hole, flame over socket, let go of hole, inhale when you've got all ash or the water runs out. Get ready to be super ripped :smoking:
  18. Apple:) :) :) that is my childhood right there:) I can make those things faster than u can say "hey man can u make me an apple bong?" haha
  19. Everytime i've tried the apple, shit never came out right:(
  20. find a bible and rip off pieces of the blank pages in the back.  
    thats what we used in jail.  

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