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  1. is your top leaves spose to sag like there sleep or resting? because when the sun starts to come up even when is in door the leaves stand strong like normal
  2. this is my first grow and I've noticed the leaves on my plants get droopy when the light is off but they perk right up when it comes on but after transplant I had a few that stayed droopy all day .I wouldn't worry unless they start to shrivel or dry up. How old are they and are they clones. Pics?
  3. um is about 3 weeks now and yes it is a clone but i have a regular bright bulb on it at night and the sun light during the day. even when the light is on at night they are droopy but when that sun light comes up they stand strong

  4. there's your problem chief
  5. Um why the regular light when sun off? If you are vegging leave the sun on 18-20 hrs then complete darkness in-between they need it to rest and metabilise, only water with light on. Check out my thread reviving droopy babies
  6. send me the link to your thread and the sun doesnt stay up for 20 or 18 hours thats why i put a like on it at night
  7. Mine always droop at night, or when it is about to or just finished raining..
  8. I realize that in real life the sun is not out 18-20 hrs a day. But your growing mj indoors right? 18-20 hrs is pretty standard for the veg stage (first 3-4 weeks) when your ready to start the flowering stage (last 7-10 weeks) you start the lights on a 12 hrs on 12 hrs off cycle. And I can't add a link sorry. GOOD LUCK DUDE
  9. ok so your saying it needs to be dark for a whole 20 hours for the veg state?
  10. oh god no!
    20 hours of light, 4 hours dark

    you can also do 24 light, 0 dark or 18 light, 6 dark - there are varying theories of which is best.
  11. i keep it in a room til 4am ish with the light on then put it outside and we have sunrise around 6am to 6:30am not to sure

    and another question when the sun is going down and is shady everywhere does the plant get sun light still?
  12. Idk about it getting light in the shade but I read somewhere that bringing it in and out of the artificial light and the sun is no good so if your taking it outside everyday then treat it as an outdoor plant and use NO artificial light let nature take its course and it should do fine or just leave it outdoors all the time if you can outdoor is usually a BIG yield

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