at my girls house. check her nugs she picked up.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by electrikbroz425, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. what ya'll think of the nugs. danks right? i know, my girl called me up said cruise to her pad shes got dank nugs she wanted to blaze. i was like uh alright. so worth it. great color, amazing high?? purp'ss baby.
  2. i hope ur girl is aas sexy as those nugzz
  3. That nug looks soo purple in the second picture.
    Nice buds :smoking:
  4. I need to go to cali
  5. pics of your girl?
  6. damm I wanna smoke that.
  7. :eek: I'd love to hit that shit, man.

    Looks soo tasty. Ugh
  8. Carlton you horny bastard.
  9. Omg. I almost jizzed but im all out from the orgy with the family this morning.
  10. omg that is amazing haha
  11. Wow, very nice bud! I need to find some of that!
  12. haha thats hilarious
  13. If your girl looks as good as those buds, you have it made haha
  14. Your livin the life right now man, YEA!!! How much a gram og that?
  15. Shit dude, that looks sooooo fucking tasty!:bongin:
  16. she said 25 for 1.2gs. slightly expensive but they were soooooo dank wow. im gonna try and pick up some for myself for later. i love to smoke weed.

  17. I'm not trying to be a hater,
    (the first pic looks daaaaaaaaank :smoking:)

    did you fuck with the colors in the second picture after you took it?
    or is it just weird lighting? :confused_2:

    i say this because that looks like the same rug as the first picture but the colors are way different and somehow the nug is bright blue?
    idk, maybe it's my computer screen, but that looks electric blue and really weird and fake
  18. the second pic is like glowing purple, crazy

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