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at long last (or goddamned what a few weeks)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Zylark, May 17, 2003.

  1. i just got out of bed an hour ago, local time around 1600. i went to bed yesterday around 1900...

    i've been working my ass off, continously for three weeks. when i got home at night, i went straight to bed, no nightie smoke even. early up the morning after. some nights with as little as 3 and a half hour sleep.

    but today, and tommorow is zy's days off :) i'm gonna get sooooo ripped. got a new supply in yesterday.

    and it's back to work on monday. on the bright side, i'm actually looking forward to it. i got interesting work, hehe. thursday and saturday is going to be especially fun, but maybe a bit long (i'll be done around 0300).
  2. lol, have fun because you diserve it.
  3. that would be mighty sucky! Enjoy ur day off!!!! :smoking:
  4. thanx all.

    it was a great weekened of r'n'r. slauching around the house doing nothing but getting high.

    now i just have to finish off 2 animations within 1600 thursday. then we start rigging for a concert.

    it'll be allright, at least the animation stuff i do at home, so i can smoke a few whilst working :)

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