At least 1 dead in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple

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  1. Damn. Has it even been 2 weeks since that Batman shooting?
  2. I'm guessing that UN gun ban thing didn't happen yet?


    Well ain't this a coincidence. Isn't the presidential election in a few months?
  3. What link is there between a temple shooting and the presidential election? Was there also a link between the Batman shooting and the election? Is it true that Wayne predicted the latter in his song, and was put up to it by the Illuminati?
  4. 6 confirmed killed. Suspect was shot by police and is assumed dead.

  5. For some reason I was thinking the exact same thing.. and i'm not much for conspiracies..
  6. The world is going to hell in a handbasket

    This just sucks.
  7. Super sad..wish people were more tolerable of other people's beliefs.

    RIP to the victims, I heard there are also 3 more in critical condition at the hospital right now.

  8. Because something like this always happens the year of the election so someone can run and in "Save the day" to get more votes.
  9. I'm guessing it has something to do with insane batshit crazy people, and the fact that any time anything like this happens, the media covers it for days on end asking questions and playing up people's fears -- and in the eyes of these killers glorifying these acts and jump starting them to do more of the same.

    I could be crazy though:rolleyes: I still don't think the media helps any. Saw an interview on nbc and the interviewee was asking some old dude whether he felt safe going to the movie theatres, whether Americans need more cops, 'why' the killer did what he did

    How about the murder say fuck those questions, realize said people are apeshit crazy, and put them on tv for public execution. We don't need answers to scare us, just justice. A real gruesome one at that. Maybe not, but I wonder how many would try this after they realize their life and soul will slowly be sucked away for doing it. Instead of getting a media limelight and a trial that lasts months and gives them plenty of headlines and infamy from such shit. Really, if a person is crazy and sees themselves dying anyway, the media infamy they could gain is a surefire positive to these crazy people instead of just a shotgun to their own dome.
  10. [quote name='"WildWill"']The world is going to hell in a handbasket

    This just sucks.[/quote]

    I'm guessing it was racially or religiously motivated. Reports are saying the shooter appears to be white with a shaved head and a built body type. Sounds like a shin head to me.
  11. This is just awful.

    It's sad that people can't even feel safe going to a house of worship anymore.
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    Or maybe you are just drawing comclusions when you don't have all the info. Its pretty easy to do when you don't even know who was involved, what happened, what firearms were used....

    Plus what does the UN gun ban have to do with this? Do you realise gun control is almost a dead issue when concerning presidential elections in the U.S? The last time people were worried about their gun rights was Bush vs. Kerry. Then there was the gun scare after Obama got elected but that helped surge their lobbyists with money.

    It is no longer something that gets mentioned for presidential elections. People would rather solve the million of other topics Americans are more likely to vote on. Both liberals and conservatives in some states are for gun ownership. Ther laws are not going to change fast so it won't be an hot topic in this years election.

    Regardless this is sad. Just found out about it on CNN. I'd be willing to guess its an agitated group of rednecks. Can't believe people are acting like the Sihk's would do this to their own temple. People are ignorant to what religions are associated with what faiths.
  13. All the info? Like all the info the media is giving us? Yes, they always give us the correct info and never lie to us nor let us have thoughts and questions of our own.

    And uh, every time I have flipped through channels this passed week and Romney was getting interviewed. It was involving gun laws.
  14. America is so culturally ignorant, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy thought it was a Muslim mosque because of the turbans and brown skin.
    Sikhism is one of the most religiously tolerant belief systems out there .
  15. That place is right by my house, I heard some of the gunshots and then sirens for half an hour after but didn't really think much of it. Turned on the radio in my car an hour or two later and heard about it.

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