At last! I've seen Donnie Darko!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. finally, i can appreciate the hype and understand why DOZENS of people, mostly blades, have told me time and time again to see that film because "it is totally you", "your kinda thing" and "you'll love it" etc etc etc.

    BAM! i love it when on rare occasions i watch a movie and it goes STRAIGHT into my personal top ten movies of all time. an increasingly rare occurance.

    i dont mean to scare anyone, but i am donnie. :D i'll leave that to your imagination as to why i would say such a thing. but i will add, it has lead me to a possable explanation of a previously unexplained phenomenon about my life.

    this thread is really just a BIG thankyou to all you blades who told me to see it.


    {{{ Critter, you may insert large heart or huggy smilie here }}} :biglaugh:

    ps, sorry to all you people who thought we had seen the back off all these donnie darko threads.
  2. Good for you. Don't watch it ever again. The more times you watch it, the less you like it.

    At least that's what happened for me.
  3. you're a superhero?
  4. Im dieing to see this movie. It looks fucking great.

    Mite have to rent it this weekend.
  5. wierd... i watched it for the first time monday... and i too felt it was one of the better movies ive ever seen.

  6. I'm glad you've finally seen it, Digit. Personally, it is my favorite movie ever.
  7. i can beat donnie darko in soul calibur. :D
  8. i'll try to take your advice blocko. but i dont think it will be the case with me... i saw the depth it had. keen to look further.

    lovestoblaze... shshshsh. dont mention that again. i have absolutely nothing to do with someone called "SleepD", we are totally different people. a search will back that up... so uhh... so dont even try searching for that name here at gc. ;)

    freaky that a couple of ya seen it so recently too. it just come out on dvd or something? :D

    mr crim... i don't doubt that. i think i could have him too. ;p i'm still a little shabby with SC2. not had enough practice as its out on almost constant loan to my friends in hope that they'll get good so i can have a fucking challenge once in a while. i did get beaten once when on the same health as them came down to last round and it was a sneaky ring out before i landed the killing blow. i was as shocked as you are. :D had a nightmarenightmare battle after to help my bruised ego, lol. ahh. fun to toy with players like that. give them hope in the first round, let it go to the last bit of health... or maybe even let them win.... then slay them all out through the rest finishing on a perfect. heehee.

    so when we playin dude?

    btw... dunno if i ever said this at gc... but i worked out that i have over 7000 hours play time on the dreamcast soul calibur. that should coroborate my claims to excelence at that game. mwuhuhaha. oh my wasted life. lol

    ps, sorry for going off topic there everyone... an old friend mentioned soul calibur. lol. wait... who the fuck am i applogising to!? its my damn thread. lmao.

    g'night all.
  9. "so when we playin dude?"

    well, let's hope that soul calibur 3 (maybe even 4.. hey i'll still be up for a match by then..) will be playable online. but considering where we live, i guess the connection would suck, huh..
    well hey, when "GrassCity Con 2005" happens, i'll bring a ps2. :D

    */me casually pops another painkiller*
  10. great movie... but i wont say its my fav
  11. I still have yet to see it. My friend has it, and I was going to borrow it the other day. But my big dumbass friend insisted on borrowing it, even though he had never heard of it before, and I had been wanting to see it forever. That fucker.

    But I borrowed Spun instead. Awesome movie, too.
  12. oh I have started watching it about 5 times now and each time I got distracted with munchies or simular and never actually watched it start to finish...but that rabbid is FREAKY :) kinda looks like the rabbid who lives in my closet :smoking:
  13. shit i've only seen it once and i hate it.. there are characters but they have NO CHARACTER!! the actors they used were horrible.. or the director sucked.. didn't the director make that crappy soundtrack to the movie? the idea wasn't executed to its true potential.. this movie could have been a LOT better, and even then it wouldn't be a top-notch movie..

  14. yeah, some people absolutley hate it. what ever, i don't. i likie. it has all these little nuances and you notices a new on every time you watch it the first couple times and they all connect and shizzle. same thing with fight club.
  15. This may or may not contain spoilers, whatever.

    I saw it for the first time about two months ago and i loved it! I thought it was one of the best movies i've ever seen, and i felt that I could relate to it instantly.

    As far as the characters having no character, it's my own theory that it appears that was because that's how Donnie saw them. He felt so different and alienated from everyone else, and felt like everyone else was simply existing, and were two-dimensional and shallow. I dunno.

    Just my spin on it.
  16. i guess it's one of those movies you either love or hate.. i just wanna say i understood the movie but it did nothing for me..
  17. i wanna see that
  18. Haha I just saw the movie too a few days ago..In fact it was right before we went outside to smoke that we finished watching it, I bet it would have been even stranger if we watched it baked.

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