at last iv found my place on the net

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by curleywurley, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. this place is cool, so many questions , and all the answers are right here im looking forward to getting to know u all.
  2. Welcome to the city. Enjoy!
  3. lol critter where did you find that monster?! heehee
    curlywurly glad you found your niche here in grasscity :) hope ya stick around!
  4. thanks for the welcome. im so excited with my new plants ive got six of them (three males three Females)and i fell like im having a baby i keep checking them and everytime i do they look so beautiful. the grow so quickly. my first time trying to grow my own any eveythin is going to plan. where i live its almost imposible to get grass i can get hash but theres nothing compares to some green. im busting with excitment
  5. High!! All the answers may not be right here, but usually, someone can point ya in the right direction!! :wave: :hippie:
  6. Hi everybody I'm new and not real sure About how everything works, but I'm looking forward to learning!!!
  7. Welcome to the city. =)

  8. well well welcome to the bus I hope your up for the long strange trip
  9. are you planning on making your own seeds?
    or are the plant's just for fun?
    i'd crop out the males ;)

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