AT IT AGAIN! going for all perlite/coco grow. help this time around?

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  1. So, I tried an all perlite grow not too long ago, and let's just say, it didn't go well. I ended up pulling her about a week ago, and I'm trying not to look back, but trying to move forward with some success.

    I didn't do the reaserch and my plant payed for it. So this time, I'm hoping things go a bit smoother.

    This time, I've started them in rock wool, properly preped, instead of soil. So far, four of the seven have sprouted. I've purchased some perlite frome the local hydro store. Some real "chunky" stuff. A lot bigger than my last stuff.

    I also bought a block of this coco stuff I've heard so much about. The dude at the store suggested I try this instead of perlite, or a mix.


    One perlite, one coco, and on 50/50 mix.
    Any helpfull tips? What's the proper way to prepare this coco?

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  3. I would only use Canna Coco and if you use coco you have to use coco-specific nutes or you have problems with over/under individual nutrients and absorption. If you want the ultimate in sterile, controllable, reliable root zone media, go with Grodan rockwool.
  4. Hmmm didn't think about the whole nuts issue. I have the GO line of nutes, and I guess yeah, I'm not sure if that will work with em. Might be high time to invest in some different nutes. I also did grab a bag of ocean forest, just in case I decided to change my mind.

    Would I be able to water pure rock wool? Or would I need some sort of hydro system?
  5. So, I've looked into the coco I bought, and it says coco coir by General Organics. Which also happent to be the nutes I have, so I'm hopeing the two work well together.

    So 6 out of the 7 seeds have sprouted. Three of each of two different seeds. One is a plant some people I know have been growing out for a while. I'm pretty sure they are femminized seeds so hopefully they are dank.
    The other three are just some seeds from a bag of good stuff I had a while back.

    I'm planning on using three differend mixes for the six seeds. So two seeds in perlite, two in coco coir, and two in coco/prelite mix.

    How long to I let these ladies go in the rockwool before putting them in their medium?
  6. I dont know why people go all crazy with their soil or hydro just buy a bag of sunshine some 3-5 gallon pots and water every 2-3 days with some grow and few nuts keep it simple brew some tea hear and there and your golden.
  7. Keep them in the rockwool till u see the roots coming out the bottom
  8. If I were you I'd go with just a 50/50 mixture. I have been doing coco for a while now and that has proven to be an exceptional growing media for many people. There are issues with pure coco (too wet) and pure perlite (too dry) which are avoided with a mixture of the two (Goldilocks).

    You can keep the seedlings as they are until about the 2nd leaf set begins forming. This should coincide with roots emerging from the rockwool in several locations.

    The General Hydroponics coco block that I used in the past had way too much salt in it. It is in your best interest to rinse out the coco once you have expanded it. Expanding the block is as easy as adding water. Once it is expanded you could put it in planters and just water the shit out of it, until you get lots of runoff. This starts you with a clean media that you can charge up as you see fit. Failing to rinse the coco could kill your seedlings (it might not also), so you've been warned.

    I am doing a 50/50 coco perlite organic grow using the General Organics lineup if you'd like to follow along. I haven't ever used GH Micro+Bloom, like the Lucas/H3ad/Rez formula, but from what I have gathered it isn't too difficult.

    Good luck with your grow. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

  9. I guess I like the idea of somthing a little more hands on. I don't have many hobbies these days, and I do have free time, so this is kinda nice. But thanks for the comments. I keep hearing about the "teas" people give their plants... Might have to look into tha..
  10. So I woke up this morning to find three bone dry rockwool cubes, and three reallllly droooopy plants. I promptly watered them spray bottle style, with some phed water, with a dash of cal/mag+. Looking muuuuch better.
    Other than that, not a whole lot to report. Just truckin along. Have a good weekend my fellow farmers! ;)

    Bagseed 1

    Bagseed 2...see the difference? Kinda cool.

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