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At first I was skeptical...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lungripper666, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. At first I was skeptical as to how effective a short T-break can be. I only stopped smoking daily in the past year for about four days last week because I was broke. I didn't think that short time would be such a big deal. I just rolled like a .7 or .8 joint and I am fucking blown. I will certainly think about taking another T-break in the near future and I highly recommend anyone who hasn't to do the same. I stopped for less than a week and already feel similar to when I just started, only now I know how to easily function this high haha.
  2. The highs ARE so much better when you limit how much you smoke down to once or twice a day, with every week or so taking a couple days off. SO much more bang for your buck when you don't go crazy.
  3. Yeah, this is definitely worth repeating. I guess that also makes sense on the more mature side of the coin, insomuch as you are responsible enough to limit yourself.
  4. I'm currently on Day 2 of my 2 Week+ T-Break. I've been a heavy weed smoker for the past year with my longest T-Break ever being like 5 days.

    Hopefully my T-break will be successful as yours! (Oh and I plan on Saving $280.00 to buy an Oz. *$100.00* of some Mids, and a Half-O *$180.00* of Minnesota's best Dro).
  5. Damn, well tell us all how that goes for you! My tolerance is abnormally high though, and the reason is kinda funny, so I'll share it. When I first started smoking weed again when I turned 18 and got kicked out (I was 11 my first time, but hadn't done it all through high school) all the dealers in my area (Tampa at the time) sold only really dank shit. I was delivering pizzas so I always had coin and just smoked a ton of weed, like nearly 80 bucks worth some nights. When I moved in with my dad way out in the sticks, the only bud I can get is low mids, so I just smoked a lot of this and just didn't get as high. That short T-break made these mids almost as enjoyable as that first bit of dank I smoked, but it's definitely a different high. Not nearly as lifting.
  6. I stopped smoking weed for ~4 years for personal reasons once. Holy shit, that first joint, I took 2 hits off it and I was flying. It was amazing. I think all you need to really do is take a couple months off to have the best effect.
  7. I plan on taking 2 days off this weekend. I really don't want to but I feel like it will help me get higher. It's hard to take a break now since it's summer.
  8. Is your tolerance basically gone after all the THC from your body is gone? Say if you went like a month without smoking (all THC gone from body), would going another month make the T-break more worth while?
  9. Nosir. If anything you would just forget what its like to be high so it will be even more intense, but it will not make a chemical difference, only psychological.
  10. im going on vacation on cuba for 2 weeks so im gonna be on a forced t-break. ive been a daily smoker for the past year so im really excited to blaze up when i get back.
  11. What's awesome though is that this isn't the first time I've gotten high since my break, I'm just surprised that I'm still getting this high after resuming business as usual.
  12. I once smoked a bowl at 6pm, got hella tired, and passed out. When I woke up the next morning I just stayed in bed and dicked around online. Turns out I spent like 18 hours in bed.

    So I smoked some pot and got really high.

    Psh.... a whole day without weed. Y'all is crazy.
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    Yeah if i smoke once a day, its great. Twice a day, its okay, but any more and its just not worth it anymore. Stick to once a day, or less.
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    Go for four days. Once two is over just go two more. Two days wont help as much as four.

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