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    By next year I want to be doing something different with my life. I'm 18 at the moment and earlier this year I was at university for a few weeks before deciding i didn't like the course and i should do a "gap year" where i'd work casually somewhere and spend my money on shit i didn't need :p

    Well, this is nearly over because I have no intention on continuing my work there next year. Taking one year off was one thing but I don't want to be one of those guys who doesn't get his life together until he's 25.

    So now, my options are going to University again but because my high school scores weren't very good all the degrees im elligible for seem very pointless and do not spark my interest. So it's likely that i'd be going to this thing in Australia called "TAFE" (Google it if you want to know what the acronym means i can't even remember). It's kinda comparable to community college in the states. Most people go there to get just slightly more qualified or to gain entry into Universities. The degrees there aren't very worthy, they just put you up a bit higher.

    Now on the other hand, I could work full time, move out of my parents house and do my own thing. Weed has a big role in this idea because I'm getting a bit sick of the prices and the rip offs that i've been subjected to and a grow of my own seems appropriate. I'd like to work somewhere were there are other young people but where I can make decent money, not just scraps, i need to be able to afford things.

    I'm worried if i go straight to work though i'll miss out on the opportunity to make new friends. I'm not very good at this however and there's no gaurantee that just because I go to TAFE i will make new friends at all.

    Another final thing, it seems that maybe moving out with the main goal of being growing my own to be a bad idea. I like living at home to be blunt. But I love the herb a lot as well. I've never really had a solid dealer so maybe this has influenced this thought a lot.

    Please vote and give suggestions tia

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    My suggestion is to do whatever makes you most happy. I was always worried about being caught when I lived with my mom and eventually saved enough money to move out. I had to take a year off from school but it was worth it imo. Now I have many more responsibilities but I also have nothing holding me back from growing/ smoking all I want in the privacy of my home. Sure, it set back geting a degree, but 1 year doesn't seem like much time to me. There are a surprising number of well paying jobs that don't require a degree. They can be hard to find, but asking around or talking to friends or family can make them easier to find.

    You only live once, have to do what makes you happy.

    Edit: Don't worry about "getting your life together when you're 25." Having your life together means a lot of different things to different people. By some peoples standards I'm in a rough spot, no degree, not currently in school and in my young 20s. I look at my friends who are in school and hate it, living with their parents stressed out and I have a hard time thinking their that much better off than me. As long as you can smile when your head hits the pillow, you're doing just fine.
  3. Being one of those guys that is 25 and finally getting their life together I would suggest going to school part time and a part time job. Take classes that interest you, see where things go and be open to oppertunitys that come your way.

    I would advise against getting a full time job at this point in your life. Its very easy to get sucked into the soul sucking 9-5 routine and before you know it you realize you're 40 and depressed.
  4. Hey man, I'm 19, and have been in the same predicament. I am just about to graduate from junior college, and transfer to a university.

    The best advice I could someone who wants to attend college, is to go to junior college first (community college). I work about 25 hours a week, and stay around a 3.0 gpa, so its not the best but its not terrible.
    Junior college is great because you can get your associate's degree for relatively cheap, in comparison to university tuition. While you are there, you can meet people and find opportunities to move on, whether that is to another school or into the work force.

    Many community colleges offer "certificates" which aren't degrees, but are like awards you get for completing certain classes, which look good on job applications.

    All that being said, the one downfall to attaining an education is having little personal spending money. Just to throw this out there, I smoke about an 1/8th every week
  5. Oh in addition, I lived at the dorms at this community college last year, and it was a good time, but i was never able to smoke in my room if thats a concern for you. This year (before I graduate and move out in december) I stayed at home to save money.

    I know there is a stigma attached to living at home, but remember that if you are trying to better yourself and get an education, all these sacrifices are an investment for a better future. I know it was hard for me to see my friends who went straight to work, make all this money and flaunt it in my face.
  6. Work till you can afford a nice place, then grow till you have no space. Then Hustle those pounds of dank like a G until its safe.
  7. Get a trade behind your belt man, or some kind of qualification, if you see something you like at university that meets your marks then go for it.
  8. No doubt, a trade or other certification would do you well, be cheaper and faster than a degree. I graduated with a BS in 09, just went back to school 1 class for a paralegal certification cause my degree doesn't really do shit for me other than let me apply to certain jobs... I know some ppl doing well with an electricians license, real estate, hvac, stuff like that.
  9. Dude. Plumbers Apprentice. People will always have to shit, and unless we revert back to outhouses and medieval pots, you'll have a steady flow of work.
  10. College bro, " The sky's the limit " -Christopher Wallace
  11. That's what I currently do. 20 and depressed. Wanna fight about it?

  12. Education -> Enjoy yourself with mucho ganja later in life.
  13. Go to school man, live a lighter life.

  14. pun intended?
  15. Studying to get a degree >> Shitty job any day.
    Would you rather be able to have a career or work at a gas station the rest of your life? Degrees are a requirement nowadays unfortunately.
    In the end though, it's your choice, I just feel strongly about this lol.
  16. this is coming from someone who took a gap year between high school and university. It was probably the most senseable thing ive done in a while. I worked full time and made money while taking courses close to home. I ended up applying and getting into another university about 5 hours away and was able to transfer some of the credits over.
  17. educations everything you cant get anywhere in life these days without going to college. (Although there is a few exceptions)
  18. I would say go to school part time and work a little to make some extra bucks to spend on the stuff you enjoy. Trust me on this one, you have the rest of your life to work a full time job.
  19. I'll say study and enjoy the comforts of home.

    But, my younger self chose the latter and for awhile I did really well for myself. Eventually the "surprise bills" came up and I began to fall behind in everything only to take up a 2nd job(60+hours a week) and occasionally selling bud on the side. Somewhere along the line I got robbed gunpoint of 3 ozs and after a while I hated working my 2 jobs.

    Post-psychiatrist visit due to depression, I moved back in with my parents and I'm now working on my Biology degree towards either a Physician Assistant program or pharmacy school. I work part time at a bakery now.

    It's gonna be hard to see the importance of a college education and to get the motivation to complete it without falling flat on your face first.

    You can't just pick a route based off of logistics, you have to feel and truly desire success for your path. Best of luck :)

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