At a tire shop

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by xboxerdude, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. So I'm high in a tire shop waiting for my tire and I'm super baked. Right next to me is this hot ass Asian. I'm gonna smack that
  2. I bet you dont
  3. Why not?

    There's nothing girls like more than strange guys who are obviously under the influence of drugs hitting on them in situations where they have no clear escape and weren't looking for that sort of attention in the first place, is there?
  4. :laughing:
  5. Thanks for the support, about 10 minutes into our talking her phone rang and she answered with ..... Exotic dancers and I just started laughing my ass off
  6. so did you get bathroom sex or not? a handjob at the very least?
  7. Well, it doesn't take this long to get tires mounted. So either he's banging her right now or he's getting high.

    I'll just say he's getting high, because the OP sounded like a 17 year old.
  8. lmao, this thread is soo epic.
  9. i'll also add that this is why i love GC
  10. 20 bucks says she knows kung fu and just kicked off op's head then jacked his car.
  11. LMAO :rolleyes:
  12. hmm im suprised. this thread really delivers
  13. wtf thats me dude... na jk
  14. L0lll
  15. To the OP: did you get any?
  16. is that barack obama?

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