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  1. So I recently moved back to Vancouver after I dropped out of university (I wasn't enjoying it). I'm back to living with my parents and realized I've reached a roadblock....once again.

    Being 21, I have no idea what I truly want to do in terms of post-secondary education (university, trades, etc).

    To top that off, I cannot find a job whatsoever (I apply regularly and send my resumes to businesses but it appears they are all looking for "experienced" individuals. How am I supposed to gain experience if no one is willing to let me gain experience:confused:

    So literally, for the past few weeks I've been doing absolutely nothing, besides applying at jobs and I'm beginning to feel the frustration, as well as being broke:(

    I really appreciate your input and advice , guys:eek:
  2. Look on Craigslist for odd jobs.

    Get your hustle on.

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  3. Keep trying I guess you'll get something eventually
  4. Start selling "flowers"
  5. ya man the job market sucks right now.
    i took some time off from school for my anxiety issues & have had no luck finding work.
  6. I thought you meant literally that you were at a police roadblock.. My suggestion to you is to find ways to stay busy and the answers will come to you.
  7. It does suck but hang in there! I have been job hunting for months now. It's a difficult time..
  8. Dude im kinda in the same situation.... I cant seem to score a fcking job... I get interviews and i get so close everytime.. But i never get it... Fcking sucks because i dedicate so much of my time to it....
  9. Start a business, maybe a Stoner friendly resturant
  10. Best thing you can do is just keep applying, and actually go in to these places and talk to a real person and all that. Keep an open mind about jobs, they all pretty much suck ;) Ever thought of self-employment?
  11. Learn to make something and sell can learn anything with Innernnetz :smoke:
  12. As someone who has been in the depths of unemployment and done exactly what you should NOT do ill attempt advice.

    DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Computer games ARE evil.
    Keep yourself occupied and in the right mind frame and the jobs will fall into place.

    Think about everything you enjoy and what you would want to do long term, look at how you would achieve that, training etc.

    Get the most easily available job, no matter how shitty, because being in a shit job will motivate you to want something better, plus bring in a little income at least!

    ThePot's advice is vital too. Dont get into a habit of sending off online and phoning but actaully take the initiative and meet in person, and you will have a job pretty quickly. If you show you want it, youll stick out and get hired.
  13. Coming back to Vancouver is probably the worst decision you've made.

    I have a B. Com Finance degree and I've been working full time in accounting for 4 years and I have been applying to a TON of jobs but no one will hire me. Getting a job here is all about probability, nothing else, since there are soooo few jobs here unless you want to work in customer service.

    If you don't mind working with your hands then I suggest doing trades because those jobs pay higher than any office jobs in Canada.
  14. [quote name='"Sunny Jim"']I thought you meant literally that you were at a police roadblock.. My suggestion to you is to find ways to stay busy and the answers will come to you.[/quote]

    Me too. Was hoping for a ninja like story of him evading the law.

    Can you edit the Op?

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