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at 12, its my b-day, lets toke!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buggingbunnies, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. That's right! It's my bday so im going to enjoy 2 bowls of some unknown dank :)
    Come toke with me!
  2. Only if you smoke me out.
  3. Haha, i guess ur not smokin then...
  4. haha It's actually my birthday today! I tried to pick up an O from my friend who went to nova over the weekend but he failed. So it was a sober birthday for me :p

    happy birthday and smoke some for me man! :smoke:
  5. yes sir!
  6. The older you get birthdays mean less and less untill it gets to the point where your surprised you made another. Happy Birthday have a bday joint
  7. If I'm awake Ill participate...which probably wont happen, but why not. Happy Birthday.
  8. happy birthday dude! Enjoy some smoke tommorow to make up for the sober birthday!
  9. It's only 5:20 pm. I'll be smoking in a few hours. I'm smoking every four twenty for the next week or so.
  10. dude its my bday right now! i only have an hour and a half left :/
  11. I'm down!
    Happy birthday man!
    I've got some Green Crack; yourself?
  12. happy birthday dude! :)
  13. Happy birthday bro!!

  14. After 21, birthdays mean nothing.
  15. Where you at? Be there in a few..
  16. What time is it where you are. It's 925 pm where I'm at and I'll be joining you. Happy brthday.
  17. This next bowl is for you! Happy Birthday!
  18. My greatest dream is for my 21st birthday that my friends will put together a surprise party for me and get the most gigantic ice cream cake.

    Instead of candles on the top, there would be 21 joints of the dankest herb. Not only could I get blunted to infinity but I can stuff my face with one of the most delectable substances on Earth as well.

    I can dream I suppose. In the meantime... :bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
  19. Smoking my last bowl for you good sir. :bongin:

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