At 1:49 this morning, my baby rabbit passed away

Discussion in 'General' started by kuruption253, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Well........ I made a thread earlier asking advice on how to rescue this baby rabbit. I found him in my garage, along with 5 already deceased bunnys. I decided that it was my duty to take this rabbit into my care and try to save it.
    I took advice from the city, as well as other sites specializing in Rabbit care, but ultimately the little guy passed on.
    I know this thread is unnecessary, but I'm feeling really low right now and needed to get this off my chest. Anyone who takes the time to read this, do me a favor and take a hit for Lucky. Guess he wasnt so lucky after all.:(
  2. wow.. that sounds like a sad story from a childrens reading book. im really really high. thats a bummer to hear
  3. You did what you could man.. thats what counts. Hes hopping around in the grasslands of rabbit heaven !
  4. What were the rabbits doing in your garage? How did they get in there?
  5. Its a detached garage, pretty old too, lots of holes for a rabbit to squeeze in through to have its babys.
    I just dug a hole in my back yard about 20 minutes ago and put him to rest. Never thought I'd shed a tear for an animal i only knew for a day, but man......... I really thought he was gonna make it.
  6. that is truly sad, man. it's hard to burry anyone, or anything.
  7. Sorry to hear that bro. Tonights Jamaican Shower goes out to Lucky the unlucky rabbit :(

    +rep for trying to save it.
  8. Aw man, I know how that is.

    Way back I found a baby bird that was abandoned by it's mother. It wasn't old enough to fly, but she had feathers and just needed some help.
    Well, I tried my best, and she was doing pretty well, until one day she just took a turn for the worse and didn't make it.

    Put her in a little shoebox and buried her out back. It was good of you to try to help it out.
  9. i had a similar story. I found a baby kitten in my backyard with no mom and a hurt leg that looked like it was starving. i fed it then took it to the vet. they took care of it's leg and then it became my pet kitty cat.

    next time i toke, i will think of lucky.
  10. my rabbits had a few baby rabbits a few months ago and overnight the mother rabbit ate all three of the baby rabbits there were only three little rabbit heads in the corner, it was a scary sight. The mother stepped on them like she didn't even care.
  11. Something there isn't right Bigtree....haha weird mental thought when you're blitzed.
  12. She ate them?! Dang your rabbits a mental case.

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