asymmetrical branching (and photography fails)

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    you may not be able to tell from the photo but one of the branches in this photo has a set of staggered sub-branches found nowhere else on the plant.

    i've read elsewhere that such growth is typically associated with the flowering phase, although this the lighting has been 24/7 for the plant's entire life (maybe autoflowering? genetics unknown).

    perhaps the sex will become apparent soon?

    incidentally the branches marked by the non-circular white lines are the ones which have a red tint along the upper edges (a strange symptom that always seems to occur in pairs).

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    p.s. even with the fan cut off i'm begining to think it's impossible to take a non-blurry photo of a plant, lol.

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  2. Your reading to much into your grow. Plants are like mammals. They come in all shape and sizes. They vary genetically between each other in the same strain as humans do. A few years back the FBI put someone in jail on the seeds they found in the back of his truck which they stipulated came from a tree at a murder scene. Thinking that it was not enough they genetically tested all the trees int he area and they were shocked to find out that each tree in the same species while looking near indentical had tremendous genetic variation. Then they put his ass in the slammer for 20 years.

    Anyhow we tend to microexam our grows. It really means probably nothing.

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