Aswer Asap Seedlings Poped Out Badly Damaged

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by austyn12, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. I germanted my plants and they sprouted very horriable esepct for one. Here some pictures please help me this all I have for seeds left.

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  2. dont give up on them yet. I had a couple that came up yellow and laid on the medium for four days. then it stood up and now is the biggest of the three
  3. its been about 5 days what can i do about it? im not givign up but the leafs are falling off and when i touch it i cant even move them or else they will break off .
  4. dont touch them . And I wish i knew that answer. Im indoors so i just lower my light to try and give it more lumes to the leave and sprayed and prayed. 
  5. kind of dirt  and any nute in it yet?
  6. Yea that soil looks all wrong for cannabis. My guess is it has too much nutes and cooked your sprouts. That's what it looks like at least.
  7. thing is one is perfecly fine you might be right tho .
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    yeah im trying do indoor atm but kinda low on money i did add more light to it tho.
  9. mg soil and just grass cuttings but that was after i saw how horriable they were. I grew with mg just fine last year but had dump them because i moved.
  10. i dont think thats it they might be bad seeds i got them from a random stoner 10/2$. i dont know it was 2$ its watever better then nothing.
  11. The seedlings look cooked. Mg is notorious for burning and cooking young seedlings. I understand some of your seedlings grew fine in the same soil. But all seeds are unique and some can take it while others can't. The price of the seeds have nothing to do with the quality. Seeds from shitty weed can turn into a beautiful plant if grown right. I suggest you get better soil.
    By the way, what was the purpose of grass clippings?
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    It softens the soil it was kinda hard before and it get rids of weeds too. Also im not sure if this helps but they went from a few cms to really long and  sproted over night when i was germanting them and the leafs showed on alot them with twisted stems. Not sure if that makes a diffrent or not.
  13. if that dirt hs those little balls in it trash tht stuff and find somthing organic man =D

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