Astrovan's Indoor Grow (White Widow & Australian Blue)

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  1. Hey GC, just wanted to put up a few pictures and videos of my first grow. Was hoping I could get a few folks to drop by now and again and help guide me in making this grow a sucessful one. :D

    I'm going to try and keep updating as often as possible, paticularly with pictures and videos. I'm using a Kodak 3X camera - its not the greatest but its not too bad either.

    Anywho, if you guys have any questions or comments, please share them :hello:
    Indoor Basement Grow Room (6.75ft depth, 9ft length, 7ft height)
    1(with a second on the way) 400W MH/HPS Convertible Bulb/Ballast/Reflector
    8" Inline Fan (590CFM) with Carbon Filter and 8" Filter Muffler (Not yet fully installed)
    Reflective Panda Film on every non-white/silvery surface (Not yet fully installed)
    1 Oscillating Fan
    1 Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
    1 PH/EC Combo Meter (Still dont quite know how to use)
    1 Smoke Detector
    16 Plastic Potting Box Carts
    Potting Soil
    Potting Mix (Vermiculite/Perlite)
    Worm Castings
    At a 4:1:1 ratio
    Square Peat Pots for Seedlings/Clones
    14:12:11 for Vegetative Nutes
    7:22:8 for Flowering Nutes
    Black Strap Unsulphured Molasses for additional water nutrients
    Spring Water from local grocery store (STL adds too much shit to its drinking water for my tastes)

    10 Homegrown Fantaseeds Australian Blue (90% Sativa 10% Indica, bluish tinged buds with lemon zesty smell, and large webbed duck feet)
    17-20% THC Level
    10-11 Week Flowering Period
    Height 70-110cm
    Father: Blue Haze Mother: Australian Boesi

    5 Dutch Passion Feminized White Widow (60% Sativa, 40% Indica)
    20-25%THC Level
    8(10) Week Flowering Perioid
    Height 35-60cm

    1 G13 Labs Feminized White Widow

    1 G13 Labs "Purple Lady" Feminized
    Flowering: 50 - 65 days
    Yield: Med
    Height: 110 - 150 cm
    Purple Lady is a cannabis hybrid with a soaring Haze high mixed with thick resin production of the finest Indicas. Not to tall. Purple lady is beautiful, with long running buds that produce pleasing dense and a sticky coating of trichomes.
    Purple Lady is darker than most Sativas more deep green of Afghanis. When exposed to lower temperatures at the end of flowering, leaves and calyxes can rapidly change colour from dark green to lavender or violet and sometime blue.
    Purple lady smells subtle when plants are growing, becoming rich and sharp when buds are harvested and dried.

    Day 1(ish):

    I've been germinating and planting the first few batches of seeds... so far all 5 of the Dutch Passion White Widow, 5 of the Australian Blues, and both the G13 Labs WW and Purple Lady have all been planted, having shown their root rips in the germination tupperware box. This leaves only 5 Australian Blue seeds left waiting to pop out of their shells.


    So far only the Purple Lady sprout has been fully exposed, and so far I'm liking the way it is turning out. (My first attempt at growing, using badseed, involved many sudden moves from darkness, to a 40W Incandescent, to a shitty CFL, etc. needless to say they stretched and are total fuckups at this point, showing little more development than the Purple Lady sprout, which is probably a good 2-3 weeks younger)


    You probably cant see it in the picture, but an Australian Blue is pushing through the soil as well.

    Current Humidity: 56%
    Current Temp: 82F

    Misted the tops of the peat pots with plain spring water.

    Metal Hallide 400W Light is approximately 28" away from the plants.

    Plans for the future: Clean/Vacuum room, finish putting up Panda Film, order and install Duct Muffler & second 400W MH/HPS light. Weatherproof and finish caulking/concreting boards /w holes in them to the outside. Look into a CO2 system that I can afford and use. Purchase a dehumidifier. Purchase a 30X Microscope

    Future future plans: Clean out adjoining room, install a T5 Fluoro or two, a few elbow joints and some Panda Film, and you've got yourself a Mother/Clone room.

    Heres a before and current (after) video of the room

    Before (weeks ago):

    [ame=""]YouTube - room[/ame]


    [ame=""]YouTube - room 5/30/09[/ame]

    If you're laughing at the boxes, check out my topic I made on them here:

    They're not as lame as they look.
  2. Looks like you are ready to rock and roll! :metal:

    are the lanky ones in the front from your first grow?
  3. Yeah, all of them are write-offs to me. The one in the far back stretched so much it fell under its own weight, so I ghetto-LST'ed it, and it ended up being the only one out of the bunch that developed well at all. Go figure.
  4. Day 2 Update:


    Spritzed the soil with some water (MH seems to be really drying the soil out fast). Got some more work done on the room today- got some waterproofing done and got more panda film put up.

    Purple sprout is further along, Australian Blue I was watching earlier has sprouted fully as well, with a second Australian Blue about to open up.

    Heres the Purple Lady sprout now:


    and the older Australian Blue sprout:


    Will report back in tommorow
  5. Day 4 Update:

    Well, shit. I would have gotten back to you guys yesterday, but I came home late from partying with friends to discover my plants were suffering! :(

    My Purple Lady sprout, my first Australian Blue sprout, and the second, smaller Australian Blue sprout were wilting terribly under the light. They looked extremely dry (soil included), so I hurriedly brewed up some spring water /w 1 Tablespoon Blackstrap Molasses and watered them generously.

    Today, the older Australian Blue sprout seems to have really perked out of it, but the Purple Lady sprout seems to be on her last legs, and the younger of the two Australian sprouts doesnt seem to be doing very well either.

    Luckily, many more sprouts have been showing their lovely faces.

    that makes to date:

    8/10 Australian Blue germinated (4/10 Sprouted)
    5/5 Dutch Passion White Widow germinated (2/5 Sprouted)
    1/1 Purple Lady germinated (1/1 Sprouted)
    1/1 G13 Labs White Widow germinated (0/1 Sprouted)
    1/1 G13 Labs Quicksilver germinated (0/1 Sprouted)
    1/1 G13 Labs Diesel germinated (0/1 Sprouted)

    However, on the good news front, while further cleaning out my parent's old basement, I found an old, still half-full bottle of "Piping Rock Apricot Liqueur, 80 Proof". The bottle was dusty and generally pretty yucky. The room I got it out of hasnt been touched for at least 10 years, and most of things in there were sitting on newspapers dated Oct, 1976. So my best guess is this "liqueur" is ~10-30 years old. Think its still good to drink? I hope so :p


    Cheers! :cool:

    Pictures: (in sequential order)
    1) new Australian Blue sprout
    2) new Australian Blue sprout
    3) older, weakened Australian Blue sprout
    4) oldest, healthy Australian Blue sprout
    5) very weak Purple Lady sprout
    6) oldest White Widow sprout (woohoo!)
    7) youngest White Widow Sprout
    8) group shot of the peat pots

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  6. Guess the liquor was no good?

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