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    I have found the best web site on the interwebs when it comes to Astronomy Pictures.

    Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

    Let me explain. Since Jan 16 2005, NASA has been putting up one picture/video that has to do with space. This includes but is not limited to: galaxy's, nebula's, constellations, moon walks, shuttle take offs. Lets just say its got fucking everything. They also give a write up about it. What it is, how it was taken, shit like that. Here are a few of my favorites I have found so far.

    APOD: 2010 January 17 - Atlantis to Orbit

    APOD: 2009 December 28 - Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 6217

    APOD: 2010 January 12 - The Flame Nebula in Infrared

    APOD: 2006 August 16 - The North America and Pelican Nebulas

    APOD: 2006 October 10 - Reflection Nebulas in Orion

    APOD: 2010 January 5 - A Roll Cloud Over Uruguay

    Click on the pictures to get larger sizes. Most of them are super high resolution so posting them here is a bad idea.

    I will also be trying to post a new one every day that I have found. So check back in if you are to lazy to look for yourself.

    Good luck blades, and don't get lost.
  2. amazing find + REP
  3. They started doing this way before 2005. early 90's i think. But yeah its cool i guess
  4. +rep over and over if i could

  5. Thanks!!
    You can spend hours on this site, its amazing.


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