Astronauts And Weed

Discussion in 'General' started by xgrandpubax, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. My thoughts are, Is there a better feeling in the world then getting stoned and leaving a space shuttle and looking at the earth?

    Other thoughts are, Could the astronaut get real paranoid after smoking and freak out the entire ride?

    Another thought, How would they ingest the weed? Lighters would probably act all weird in the spaceshuttle. Best idea would be a brownie somehow preserved.

    If this thread is stupid and pointless im sorry, But hey its something im thinking about.
  2. I could be trippin' out, but wouldn't it be nigh impossible to smoke out in a spaceship or anything to that extent?

    Now edibles, on the other hand...
  3. edibles FTW!!! that would be the ultimate high experience...quite scary id imagine...but yet so beautiful...
  4. "Dude.... I'm falling towards the Earth!!! DUDE!!! DUUUUUDE!!!"
  5. Imagine going on like a 5-hour spacewalk

    I'd have my iPod in there with a crazy Grateful Dead 'Space' jam

    That's apparently what it's like...a constant feeling of falling. Think about how uncomfortable that must be!
  6. Too bad the admins are being dicks about the signature rules. I'd quote that shit up in a heartbeat and fucking stick it in my siggy.
  7. lol, thank god you cant cause im gonna...been looking for a new quote for the siggy anyway...thx.
  8. Seriously? Considering how interesting it probably is, I've never actually read any astronaut experience stories. Thanks for sparking that flame, cant wait to learn some things.
  9. having a child you expected would probably feel better

    or maybe getting married to someone who isnt gonna divorce u in 2 years, most likely the first one though
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  11. they could vaporize in the iss. that would be pretty sick, imagine being weightless, baked as shit looking at the earth.
  12. How sick would it be to smoke in space. I wonder how a smoke ring would look, with zero gravity and all. Anyone know what would happen?
  13. How do you think Saturn got its rings, honey

  14. lol....
  15. If it was possible Id hit a gravity bong in zero gravity. heh
  16. Dude, let's hotbox this space shuttle!

  17. I hot boxed a shuttle ski lift in vermont to the highest lift. That was REAL SPACY! Going down the 25 minute run on my snowboard was pretty damn spacy too. You know I had my ipod crankin some good ass music.
  18. it must be amazing.
    being stoned out of your mind and jumping like 20feet in the air.
  19. I'd take the Lunar Rover out for a bowl cruise

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