Astral projection

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  1. This thread is all about astral projection. About if you think it's real or not, you're OBE experiences, and anything about it. I'll try to explain it in my words but I'm not good at explaining so here is a wikipedia link that describes it very well.

    Astral projection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Astral projection is where your "astral body" or if you would like to call it your "spirit/soul" leaves your physical body and you can travel the world in your spirit body. You can fly, you can go to people's houses and see what they're doing, you can communicate with the dead, and many other things. But don't get this mixed up with Lucid Dreaming. And I almost forgot. People who believe in astral projection or have experienced it believe that it's where you go when you die hence why you can communicate with the dead. Many astral projection experience reports state that they are flooded with spirits of all kinds. It is like walking on the street, you don't know who will be there good or bad. There is no physical harm in astral projection as long as you don't follow the tricks of the evil spirits. People say you can meet up with real life people in astral dreaming unlike real dreaming. You can go anywhere you want in your astral form. As some people believe, there are such thing as "spirit guides" in the astral plane (yes, that means when you go into astral projection you are temporarily visiting another plane of existence) and can inform you on your past lifes, the future or fate of your current life and a lot of other things.

    That's all I have to say on this subject as I'm still trying to learn a lot about it. What do you guys think about it? I know some may not believe in it but don't just shoot it down without even attempting to look at it with an open mind.

    I have never entered astral projection because I just learned about it and it made me really interested in it.

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