Astral Projection.

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  1. Anybody hear into astral projection. Obe. Lucid dreaming. That sorta stuff? Im EXTREMELY interested. You dont even understand.
  2. Insidious. Good movie.
  3. Yeah ive seen it. Thats not where i got it from though. Ive been into this since grade 7 when i started experimenting with some alchemy experiments from a site. Failed. But planning on taking it more seriousky this time.
  4. I am.

    Are you looking for information about them or experiences with them?
  5. I got information. Im lookig to experience them.
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    Well, astral projection is tricky. I have rare success with it. In theory, there are two types of astral projection: the first type, mental projection (what I can do) is essentially sending yourself concsiously into a lucid dream environment through meditation. Many people mistake this for astral projection, but really you are projecting to the mental plane.

    Astral projection, in truth, is very advanced, and can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. But you don't have to worry about this because you can't do it on accident or by any simple methods I will list here.

    That is all in theory... I have never been to the real astral plane.

    For astral projection there are countless techniques. If you practice every day with the intention of astral projecting in your mind you will get the hang of it eventually.

    Simply lay down in a comfortable place, put on some relaxing music, and pick a focal point to meditate on. For some, it is the music. For others it is the breath. You can pick anything. Just focus on it and nothing else... don't let your thoughts affect you, let them fade away like wisps of smoke in the air.

    You will probably begin to feel pretty wierd after a while, which is a sign it is working. Just stay calm, you may feel vibrations, hear strange sounds, feel short of breath, or feel your heart beating very intensely... this is all normal and harmless. Simply remain calm... eventually you may feel like you are floating, or feel detached from your body. At this point you can do one of many things: imagine you are floating above yourself, and picture yourself looking down at your body, or, try to "roll/float out" of your body (without actually moving your body), or , imagine any environment you would like to project to (this is what I do)... usually if you are in a deep enough state the environment will begin to appear before you and suck you into it.

    Lucid dreaming is easier, but I have always lucid dreamed without trying so it may be harder for others.

    First, start keeping a dream journal. Record everything you can remember about your dreams when you wake up in the morning. For me this greatly increases the number of lucid dreams I have.

    There are multiple lucid dream inducing techniques:

    1. Before you go to bed, pick an object, and focus on the fact that you will see it later in your dreams... it will become lodged in your subconscious, and when you see it in the dream you will remember that you are dreaming.

    2. Set an alarm for 3-4am. Wake up, and walk around for a short while, focusing on your desire to lucid dream, telling yourself you will lucid dream. Then fall back asleep with this intention in your mind.

    3. Reality Check; Write "RC" (for reality check) on your hand, and throughout the day in real like look at it and take note that you are awake and in reality. After doing this for a few days, or even a week or two, you will habitually check your hand in your dreams and oftentimes the letters will be missing or distorted, letting you know you are dreaming.

    There are other ones but I don't remember them.... it happens naturally for me so I can't really attest to any of these but many people say they work wonderfully and they make sense to me...
  7. The search function should point you in the direction of some interesting threads on these topics.
  8. Thanks guys this is great. I know astral projecting is tricky. And yeah i have a object which i carry around. And in my drrams its really fucked up. I write LD on my hand. Another way to tell if you are dreaming is you usually only have 4 fingers. When you look in a mirror you usually see something demented or scary. If you jump you might float around for a bit. Clocks and their hands go nuts. They barely represent real time. And other stuff. I set my alarm for 6. I wake up at around 7:45 so that gives me some time to lucid dream. I have had around 4-5 lucid dreams so far. Amazing. I remember each of them almos perfecetly which is rare with dreams.

    And also i tried the search function but it is extremly bad on the ipod. The search barely works. They need to fix it. Ive seen loads of complaints on the forum about the ipod search tool for this app. I apologize if there is already a thread like this. Ive tried to find some because im extremely into this. It just lit up a spark somewhere in my mind and i love it. I cant get enough.
  9. I had a question. Well last night I tried to Astral Project. My body felt numb, no intense vibration but a little one, but I was really shaking, I had very little thoughts, sometimes I felt vertigo like I was being hung upside down, my eyelids kept on twitching, which made me kinda open my eyes, but they felt like they were still closed, my body felt like it was twisting or bending in an awkward position but I was laying straight on my bed and my neck felt like it kept on turning to the side, but it really wasn't. Then after awhile I just opened my eyes, because it didn't feel like it was going anywhere. I am still a bit confused. Was that my chance to get out of my body? For some reason I keep on forgetting the method on HOW to get OUT of your body, like what your supposed to imagine. And another thing to add is that after I snapped out of it, I was really shaking, my heart was beating a bit hard, my senses were increased dramatically, when I closed my eyes I could see a faint outline of everything in my room and when I went to sleep I had a few anxiety and panic attacks.

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