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  1. if anyone of u listens to trance or any kind of rave music that has tripped like a bitch, i wanna hear some shit about out of body experiences, if u dont wanna post it talk to me on "aim" at "popnlockdoc". shrrrrrroooooms mmmmm yummm
  2. I've had out of body experiences every time I've done 5-MeO-DMT. One was while I was listening to Radiohead's Kid A, which I think has a very techno feel to it. It was amazing to say the least. Mostly all I listen to is trance, techno, house, stuff like that. I've haven't yet listened to anything more techno than Kid A while having an out of body experience, though.
  3. i've been able to astral project a couple times now. For me the scariest thing is when your body enters the 'vibrational state' its a really intense vibration felt throughout your body almost the same frequency as a cell phone on vibrate.

    but if you want instructions/how to's go here:

    the above site has helped me alot. i just wish i could become better at it..practice, practice, practice. I've found its easier to try after a good nights sleep.. but dont try too hard or else it wont happen.. its hard to explain..
  4. I've done it a few times... the first one wasn't really and oob experience..... I was like 10 and was laying on my bed, not tired, around the afternoon, and all I really remember about it now, was that I heard a loud pop inside my head.. scared the shit out of me
  5. I'm reading a book about it called Astral Dynamics. Pretty interesting stuff. thouhg I haven't tried any of it yet.
  6. yeah its really good to have certain songs like "dj tiesto-silence" Where i'm at i can't get ahold of any real good trip drugs, but that'd be sweet. i've had so many things happen, it's good but i'd def like to learn more and if u want im me at "popnlockdoc" if ur interested
  7. thanx "seeuauntie" that site is crazy good, i read through most of it and even before i ever read anything about this subject i knew about it but thats awesome. sweet website to go to i hope everyone goes to and learns that shit and raves out of their friegen minds and out of their friegen bodies word
  8. I read about this guy that did this and he went over to his girlfriends house and she was sat in a car outside with some bloke and he confronted her the next day and she admitted cheating.I don't really know what to believe really I suppose I will have to see for myself.Thanks for link great stuff.
  9. that shits crazy, if its true..
  10. I had experiences. The only way I had mines is when I realize I'm in a dream and the wake up my mind. I have read a lot about AP but haven't achieved. I stopped trying and I got my first experience. It was AWESOME how I was able to fly to my house in Puerto Rico from the US. Actually I appeared there and flew around. Just wish you were there and you'll be there.
  11. Funny you should make this thread.

    I just started practicing this again a few days ago. I hade read a lot about it but it was a few years back and i never really went all the way with it; which i plan to do this time.

    Thanks for the great link.
  12. the first time i rolled, my buddy and i had a 1k watt sub behind our futon, and this one song starts with straight bass and we both felt like we were floating like a foot off the futon and we could see ourselves in the third person floating off the futon, was crazy shit.

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