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  1. Ben reading a lot on astral projection nd wondering if ny1 here has done it before...also ppls thoughts on astral projecting...look forward in hearing more on this subject...thanks
  2. I meditate quite often after smoking herb, and although I have never "Astrally Projected", I have encountered somely strangely transcedental emotions.

    One time, after about an hour into meditation, I started, out of the blue, to get some really indescribable feelings, akin to happiness, but more ethereal and long lasting, like physical and emotional comfort combined into one oddly confusing, but incredibly serene emotion.
  3. Alright!!

    Glad to see somebody interested in astral projection on the GC forums.

    I wish i had time to respond more thouroughly but long story short, i have been involved in astral practices for the fast few years.

    Theres another thread somewhere in this section from a long time ago that i posted quite a few times in regarding my experiences in astral projection and out of body experiences. is a great place to start with the basics and their forums are extremely helpful.

    i also recently purchased "astral voyages" by Dr. Bruce goldberg and it has also helped tremendously with AP progress.

    Hope you progress well and have a great time with your astral practices, PM me if you have any questions or just want some personal feedback, I'd be glad to help

  4. thnx man I will let ya kno...ny1 else?...
  5. I've tried it a few times but failed. I first started reading up on it a few years ago (thanks to the show "So Weird") and I sat down in a chair for about an hour and imgained myself as a floating flame (I've read that's suppose to make it easier) but nothing happened. I just got really tired, thanks for re-peaking my interest in it though, I'm up for trying it again.
  6. I tried it once. I was doing pretty good until some githyanki douchebag started chasing me with his silver sword.
  7. I got into the same thing about a month ago. I haven't gone far with it but what helped me get obe was lying down very comfortable , go into meditation and get relaxed and then start to move your arms and legs up but not actually do it. I don't really know how to explain it well but it works PERFECT for me. Like lay there and move your spiritual body up. Pretend your moving your arms and legs up and you will slowly move upward. It works for me but im having a problem staying obe. Its like my body sucks myself back down after about 20-30sec every time i do it.
  8. might want to check out this thread...lots of info as well as my expiriences with astral projection..

    Oo..I wish I stumbled on this thread a little earlier. It seems Palmer has the gist of lucid dreaming down. However, Lucid dreaming, and Astral Projection, while both are totally involved in the dream world, are different.

    LD, is entering a dream, taking control(or already having it, if you have a natural affinity), and shaping your own thoughts and dreams into a static reality.

    AP, is the astral shell (some say that this is the astral glove covering our psycial bodies, or our auras)..leaving the physical body. and traveling and learning on the astral plane.

    I guess the main reason they are so linked is because AP is so much easier to do when ones physical body is so relaxed they need to be asleep. As one progresses in controlling and harmonizing their body, mind, and soul..eventually you dont even have to be asleep. Many wise and powerful induviduals use meditation and visualization to achieve AP.

    But the problem is, most people cannot, for the life of them meditate. It comes with practice, patience, and harmony. People have trouble in controlling their thoughts, they are told to think of nothing. Now, how is this possible you might ask? Well, dont just wish away your thoughts, forcing calm and relaxation wont bring it about. Just let the thought float away on its own.

    I first began my AP journey a little bit before I began my journey into wicca, and then on into my own form of paganism. Perhaps it just comes naturally for me? Through many scary sessions, I eventually met my spirit guide, and from there in gaining wisdom and understanding, I was gently led to the doors I could walk down in choose.

    From then, my prowess in mediation and visualiztion grew sharper as I achieved inner calm and strength.

    Any other questions, or anything else you want to know??

    have a couple of links..but for me, astral projection came from my spiritual beliefs, rather than scientificly projecting myself out of my body. Sure it can be explained by science someday..but its something that comes from expierencing it.

    Another thing, you cannot be discouraged by one failure either, and expect to succeed. It takes time, patience, will, and drive. It took me several months of attempts to get it right. Some can do it naturally, or even awake.

    The astral world, is an exsistance that is your own, yet connected to the global/universal conciousness. Its a reflection of your inner self, your uncouncious mind, the 80 percent of the brain we do not utilize. Some see it violently, and chaotic..others are all fluffy bunny unicorn hopping world.

    Or as Morpheus said, Residual Self Image..How we truly see ourselves. You have 'powers' in the astral world, not because of magic or anything like that. There are rules, just like the real world.

    You can travel somewhere by thinking, sometimes, you even feel an omnipresence surrounding you. You can see other souls in your astral travels as well. There are other travellers, thought creatures (since the mind and emotions rule the astral planes..thoughts are given life), and also spirit guides and totem animals. Dont be afraid of them. Your physical body is safe and sound, and also you might see or feel a umbilical cord like strand, connecting you to your physical self.
  9. I was big into trying astral projection, geez, at least 5 years ago, but I could never do it. :mad: I really need to try now with the added benefit of marijuana. Nice thread!

  10. just let the worry go and relax!! Thats the key. To let it all go. All worry and care. Empty yourself.
  11. I do astral projection all the time, though I call it dreaming :)
  12. YES

    astral projection is merely dreaming while shifting your awareness from physical to non, with the goal in mind to leave your body as it drifts asleep.

    as you slip closer and closer to success outside of your body you seem to forget your physical body

    ever have one of those dreams were your walking around, everything seems normal, you just got handed 5 dollars. so you wake up and look for the 5 dollars?
    its verrrrry similar to that

    in your dream you are aware of your seamingly realistic surroundings, the realistic paper, the realistic faces, but its all a thought process of the mind.

    as you are more focused and still as a body you can imagine being outside of your body already and start your journey. aslong as you remain focused your awareness will eventually stay locked into non physical territory
  13. OK, so I totally forgot about this until seeing this thread again, but I just woke up from a nap and remembered something that had happened. I had smoked this morning and was lying in bed not even really trying to do astral projection and I don't remember if this happened before I fell asleep or if it was just a straight up dream... but I remember leaving my body and knowing that it was happening, that I should try to explore it. Well, I could float around my room, but when I got near my door (to try to go through it and see other things) it would start to fade to black and I would float back to my body forcefully and have to leave it again.

    Shit, I wish I could remember more. Is this anything like what could happen during an astral projection trip or was I just dreaming because I read the thread? Note, if I was dreaming, it was a lucid dream because I knew something was up and I was trying to explore...
  14. The last 2 nights I have been meditating(its new to me) and trying to astral project. I think I got close last night, I felt a huge body buz and I saw some magnificent light visuals(i was sober) but then I lost it because I couldn't concentrate. Reading on google I guess loseing focus is common with peopl new to Astral projection.

    Also I am a bit weary to Astral Projection, I mean is it real? Of course your brain might be sending signals and it may feel real, but is there proof of lke 2 people meeting up while in Astral projection or other types of proof?
  15. I just had my first lucid dream the other night. I finally realized I was dreaming and I made a decision in the dream, but then after that I just lost it and it was back to dreaming. Maybe it was the fine lady I got with that took my mind off being lucid...

    But anyway, whenever I smoke before bed, I usually have trouble remembering my dreams but when I don't smoke I usually have multiple dreams nightly and I remember them very clearly.

    I know this thread is about Astral Projection but Lucid Dreaming is very similar and I think with that you can become closer to succeeding in Astral Projection.

  16. I use to keep a dream journal in hopes of having lucid dreams, and it worked with in a bout 2 weeks of just writing my dreams down as soon as I woke up. I also did things like consiously thought about what I was doing when I turned a light switch on, and when what time a clock said.

    A tip for when your lucid, to keep the lucidity going spin around in a circle in the dream, and just keep your cool. You're mind is still pretty much there when you lucid dream. Hell even when I dream not lucid I can still think of things and of other dreams I have had and what is similar to those dreams and the current one I am in.

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