Astral Projection

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by czarnazo, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Is sleep Paralysis The Closest Way to reach Astral Projection ? CzarNazo
  2. No, the closest way to reach an out of body experience, in my opinion, is lucid dreaming and taking unmentionables. Mostly the latter. 
  3. in on this thread. does smoking herb increase chances of astral projection. id love to a.p, its like my dream
  4. I have terrifying nightmares almost every night and I've had many lucid dreams and quite a few sleep paralysis experiences. Ive never put a lot of thought into astral projection though Music and Mary
  5. i don't think it would...
    It'll put you into a deeper state of sleep than you will be able to control.
    If i'm not mistaken, you need to be in your lightest state of sleep in order to achieve lucid dreaming/astral projection...
    Googles your best friend, i spent 5 minutes looking into it and found a few tutorials.. never followed through properly

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