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Astral Projection (Lucid Dreams)

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by PuertoRicanInMD, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. That clearness is the astral plane. It just looks like the real world but more clear. Also it feels different. Your body feels well because it is vibrating at a higher level so you will be able to feel things from a different perspective. Next time you get that vision of the astral plane try to stand up, relaxed, like if you were going to stand up with your physiscal body. Or just try to levitate, feel your body floating and try to "fly" at a distance that you know you are out of your body, where your astral body and your physical body are apart. Keep up the good work.
  2. I guarantee you I can visit other places but of course it will be the astral part of that place since evreything has an astral part (even if the object looks the same, it just doesn't feel the same). I have visited my home back in Puerto Rico several times but haven't talked to anyone. Technology is not able to catch anything from the astral plane (at least for now), since technology is created in the physical plane but I can tell you that technology is helping people to project themselves (have you heard of astral projection tapes?). For some people, these audio recordings work but I haven't tried one yet. Also there is scientific proof that something happens when the person is projecting himself/herself, it just that tecnology is unable to record what it is (but again, for now).
  3. I believe the CIA was doing some research on using AP for spies, but of course anything to come out of that would be classified, so we will never know.
  4. Yeah! i've really been interested in the sleep aspects. I've read alot about sleep and dreams.

    If you could openly give suggestions, or techniques that would provide an optimal setting for astral projection to occur....

    also i've known about lucid dreaming since i was in the 8th grade (now a senior and bout to grad)

    but i rarely rarely have them....its sad...but i have had them for a bout two times (fucking great great experience its like your own fucking world you can do anyfucking thing you fucking want to!! its so fucking fucking fucking great)) sorry for all the fucking 'fuck' words but i love lucid dreams

    btw back in the day(before the mj experiences) i used to actually be excited to go to bed bc i was very into the dreaming experience and tried so hard to initiate lucid dreaming...
  5. So tell me, and be thorough, it's important for me further questions: Does an astral projection represent a physical place in all its details? And does it change as the physical place changes? E.g. if someone builds a new house on Hawaii, does that house appear in the new astral projection?
    My bad, I should have said science, not technology.

    I'm trying to do a pretty simple scientific experiment here. I bet me arse it's been done before with the results I'm expecting. If astral projection were possible, you should be able to bring or receive a message in a controlled environment.

    Science can prove and disprove astral projection. If they find out it really works, they'd do some more research and if it's really as easy as you say, they'll teach it to the rest of the world. But I don't see and classes around. So I don't quite believe it yet.

    Now would you be willing to prove me wrong by partaking in me experiment?
  6. jack houck did lots of studys in what your talking about mr. skinner, comparing things in the real plane to astral plane. He has all of his findings on his website, and does spoon bending partys.

    The Simple answer is yes/no. A particular study they locked a women in a room had her astral project to another room and retrieve a 5 digit number above a counter, it took her 4 days but she retrieved the number. I've only been able to get to the point of viberation and have not yet astral projected, but have been obe before. So i can't really say, but i actually astral projected from hitting my head extremely hard when i was younger, hit my head, and ended up above my body looking down seeing myself and my friends, but i kept floating away so only got a good 30secs.
  7. Holy f*cking shit!

    I had an experiance very very similar to this, i was dreaming and a certain event happened in the dream that i knew was impossible (cant remember wot) i then realised i was in a dream and could freely move around in my dream and do wot i wanted. Then in the real world sumthing caused a loud bang in my room, i suddenly jolted out of the dream and into my body again, except for after a while, i slowly came out of my body, i was dreaming about leaving my body, and i did, i left my body, but rather than flying i was more swimming in the air, hard to explain lol, i then walked down my street, then started running, i ran and ran and raaaan until i slowly lifted into the air and literally felt myself fly, then it all became too much and i woke up.

    ever since that experiance i have been trying to find out wot exactly it was i experianced, and as stupid as it sounds i always felt if i could master this experiance then there would be no need for drugs in my life lol, weird i know.
    my god man im so happy you guys have brought this to my attention, now i know the technique and hope to achieve that same amazing experiance again, thanks.

    unfortunately when i started 'flying' i woke up, can you really just fly like to another country like u sed u flew to puerto rico, is everything accurate, i have never ever been to my family's country of iran, but would i be able to fly there in one of these experiances, and see things ive never seen, sorry if this sounds completely stupid but im very interested and excited about this.
  8. I'm interested in all these sleep related topics also! Just yesterday I had a weird experience, I'm not sure how to classify it. Anyways, I was laying there, and I could feel myself falling asleep- like my brain shut down but my body was still awake. I don't know, anyone that's had sleep paralysis knows what I'm talking about. It was THAT feeling of sleep paralysis, except there were so scary as fuck dead dudes coming, this time I felt my body tense up and I felt myself spinning rapidly, then all of a sudden I lifted off and seemed to fly directly straight up. A part of me knew I was still on my bed, so I wasn't scared, as similar experiences have happened before--just not of this magnitude. The weird this is, while i was launching up I could feel myself kind of being pushed into my bed. I used to be afraid of these experiences and still kinda am, but it's nowintriguing me seeing all these people with similar "out of body" experiences. I think I should mention throughout the experience my eyes were closed, and it can't have lasted more than 10 seconds. Weird. Anyone know what my experience would be?
  9. Hey man, congratulations, you had a very good first lucid experience. The first time, most of the people, when they realize they are dreaming, they wake up. About the flying question, the answer is yes, it is the preferred method of the astral body to move around but as it happened to you some people try to fly to soon and they wake up because is kind of scary the first time 'cause you are not used to fly by yourself(duh, lol). In the astral plane you can go anywhere and you don't have to literally travel to that place if you don't want to. Just wish that you were in that place you want to go, even if have never been there and you will be there. Also if you want to wake up in there (in astral plane of course) just go to bed and try to imagine the place or just think about it.

    Another thing, you used one of the most difficult techniques to gain conscoiusness of the astral projection and that is to recognize a weird event that tells you, you are dreaming. That is pretty "hardcore" because you were asleep already and you managed to wake up your astral body without waking up your physical body. Stay in that path, you have talent for this. Keep practicing no matter what happens. It took months to me to be able to astral project.
  10. Yes my curious friend (lol). Everything have an astral dimension, sometimes it looks exactly like the one in the physical world, sometimes a little different but you know what it is. I wnat you to try because you are hungry of knowledge and those are the best kind of people to get involved in this.
  11. Ok, the spinning of your body was your level of vibration increasing, that is normal since the astral body has a higher vibration than your physical. When you felt you were flying straight up that was that your astral body was getting out and you did a good thing trying to not get scared. The feeling of you been pushed to your bed is because of your mind. You were trying to look the reason of why you were feeling this (I think the word is "rationalize" but I'm not sure). When you try to this you are waking up your physical body because you are making your conscious mind work. When you are in the astral plane, it is the subconscious that is working, that part of the mind that works but your brain doesn't know it is working (you know we use, consciously, about 15% of our brain capacity). That's why some people say that to be able to astral project you need to wake up your subconscious. That is to be aware when it is working (to be aware of dreams). Next time try to open your eyes, slowly and relaxed. You will need to do a good work trying to stay relaxed after you open your eyes because it is kind of shocking to see your own body laying on bed and you are flying above it. Try it since you have sleep paralysis, so it is easier for you to get out of your body. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that sleep paralysis is good. It is just that to be able to astral project you have to shutdown you whole physical body and I think sleep paralysis make you do that.:cool:
  12. Ok. I have a question or two. And these are for anybody who knows anything about sleeping, because this stuff is what drives me. Its this type of thing that makes me believe that all this shit that we work for, t.v's and shit, its all the minimum. There is so much more out there for us, ( i just did a post on astrology), that this cant be it. This life cant be it. Now, puerto, ive had some experiences while asleep that I want to talk about.

    One time I was sleeping on my bed, and all of a sudden I was able to see my room, and my door was open, so i could see out into my living room, and like, i couldnt move, at all. I tried, but I couldnt move, i was just laying there. I thought it was that sleep poralysis that people talk about, but I distinctly remember that, when i was laying there, i could sware that there was somebody standing at the end of my bed, just out of sight..i KNEW there was someone standing there, then i got really really scared, and my whole body like vibrated hard core. I woke up an hour later, I knew it was an hour because the clock went from 2:30 exactly, to 3:30 instantly, like, I blinked and it went from 2:30 to 3:30.

    Nextly, I was watching the passion of the christ, and I fell asleep again...and while I was sleeping there in my bed, different house too, my body vibrated like it did before that one time, except this time there wasnt anybody around, and i couldnt keep track of the time.

    As for this astral projection and lucid dreaming, I would love to be able to do this stuff. But i cant even remember my dreams anymore...but this is something that, i dont know, you guys say you can do it...like on command, and I would lvoe nothing more than to be able to travel in a dream state. You say even into space...there was a question earlier that I cant remember if it was answered or not. If I were to go into space while in the astral stage...would it just be stuff that I made up in my own head, or like, everything about space that I ahve ever learned, any pics ive seen, does that all just come together subconciously and you see it, or do you really see whats going on in space? I guess the answer of that last question there could actually turn my whole life motivation. If this dreaming thing is for real, and i might have experienced it on accident..then i will pursue this full force. There would be no better accomplishments (in my eyes) than to be able to master something in your brain, train yourself to do something mentally that most people cant. thank you in advance.
  13. llockhart86 i feel very very similarly about this subject as you do.

    Thanks for the advice and things puerto, im definately gonna keep on practising this technique, cheers man.
  14. YEEEAAAHHH!!!! I love to see people with that desire to seek for our own nature. First I want to talk about something that attracted my attention form your post. The entity that was standing near you. Absolutely everyone has spiritual guides, entities from the astral plane that look after you, and you can feel them, even see them, when you are trying to get out of your body. Don't be scared (I know it is scary the first time), they are there to protect you. If they were there to hurt you, you astral body will tell you by feeling their level of vibration. In the astral plane there are entities of high vibration (guides, entities of light) that are willing to help you and teach you but there are also entities of low vibration (gray or dark entities); stay away from them. They can't hurt you but they can guide you through the wrong path.

    What happened to you is that you were not fully out of your body. You were able to open your "astral eyes" but your astral body wasn't out completely yet. For most people is more difficult to open their eyes than to get out of thier body but everybody experience astral projection in his/her own way.

    First thing to do astral projection: try to remember your dreams. Repeat this to yourself a few times in bed before going to sleep: "I will remember my dreams". When you get to remember them try the next step: Try to become aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. This is the hard step. This can be done when you see something that is impossible in the physical world like someone flying, strange objects, etc. How can you do this? Analyze everything in the physical try to create a doubt in yourself about if you are dreaming or not. By doing this, you will do the same thing in your dreams. A good technique is asking your self a few times a day (when you are alone because otherwise you are going to look like crazy, lol) if you are in the astral plane and after that make a jump with the intention to fly. Try to make your doubt as authentic as possible. If you do this in a dream, you will fly so you will gain consciousness that you are in the astral plane and it is possible that you will wake up the first time because it is a shocking experience or you will get too excited. This is one of the techniques to do astral projection but it is difficult because you have to sleep first and then wake up your subconscious.

    People that can project don't do it by command. Astral projection happens every night to everybody, we just decide when we will be aware of it. By practicing it you subconscious becomes more "awake" to the point that everytime you are dreaming you know it and you can decide to take control of your voyage or not.

    As for the space, yes you can go there but try to go short distances first because your astral body needs energy to travel. You have to train it like an athlete, increase the distance gradually. Lets say go farther everytime you project. I recommend that the first time you stay in your house or the place where you gain consciousness. Explore it, go through walls (this is pretty cool the first time). Then try to go to some place you know. After that try to go to a place you don't know (just wish you were there and you will). In space you will be able to see whats going on there (of course in the astral plane) and you will see the entrance to the "tunnels" (the most awesome thing of the astral plane). You will see that with time, your astral body will be more attracted to go up to these tunnels. Sometimes ou can't control it and it just float up to the entrance and you choose which tunnel you want to take. Thats it for now, that was a long post but I think it was helpful. Get stoned and read it again and again.:smoke:
  15. Wow I just read through this thread and I'm very interested in it. For about the past 2-3 months, I've been having really vivid dreams. Most are always different, but all of them are very detailed. I remember about 70% of them for a few days, then just tend to forget about them. But the wierd part about some of them is that I realize while dreaming that it is a dream, and tend to go with it. Sometimes I'll wake up and be like damn, that was cool, I kinda want to continue that. So I'll fall back to sleep for about another hour or so, and continue on with the same dream. During this time, I can feel my body physically, but am still dreaming pretty hardcore. While I understand that this possible might be some form of lucid dreaming, I've never really heard of astral projection until now. Next time I go to sleep I'll try some of the techniques described in this thread.
  16. Puerto, u know how u sed about going thru walls in the astral plane, is it really like ure just in the normal world, like do you feel ure in a normal world then u can suddenly go thru walls, that must feel fucked man, also do you think this is a good technique to achieve astral projection.

  17. I have had one lucid dream and it dident last long but i am very interested in lucid dreams and AP. I was wondering when you get you astral eyes or start to move in your astral body does everything look the same and feel the same, or does it have a glow or a different color. Basicaly will you know when you are in your astral body?
  18. I actually had my very first recognizable lucid dream a couple weeks ago. My dream was actually me waking up and walking around my room, until I realized this was definitely a dream. My friends eventually came over, I produced a huge sack of weed, and then I woke up and felt completely shaken, so much that I threw up. It was tight.
  19. It looks like the physical world but it doesn't feel like that. In the astral plane you can feel the energy of anything, your feel your body full of energy. Also you can feel a stronger vibration in your body. I can't describe that very well, all I know is that it feels so good that you will want to stay there for a while. Unfortunately you can stay as long as you have energy. When you go through a wall it doesn't feel weird. You just go walk towards the wall and then you will realize that you can see through the wall but you look back and you will see that you passed through the wall. Remember to have good intentions when trying astral projection.
  20. As I replied to -E- it looks similar but it feels different. Sometimes it is possible to see the energy of things and it is like a glow. Also when you are projected you can see that your body is also glowing. Everything have like a light that is not very powerful but you can see it. That's energy. But the object is not very different than it's physical dimension.

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