Astral Projection (Lucid Dreams)

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  1. I'm a new user and I just saw a thread about lucid dreams but it was close. I'm a practicioner of the astral projection and I've had many experiences. Sme were good and some were bad. I will be happy to share my techniques and exercises with anyone who ask me. And yes you can use weed to get out of your physical body. It is not necessary but it helps a lot in the relaxation phase, just don't fall asleep.
  2. Also I can describe and share my experiences if you are interested
  3. i would like .. i'm interested in things like that :smoke:
  4. i wana hear your experiences, specifically astral projection. is lucid dreaming the same as astral projection or what?
  5. Please tell me how to leave my physical body with weed :)
  6. lucid dreaming is knowing ur dreaming whil;e dreaming right?... and r u going to tell us how to make ourselves do this cause i would be interested
  7. Astral projection and lucid dream are similar but no the same. Astral projection is when you voluntarily leave your physical body and have some control of your experience. Lucid dream is while you are in a dream you realize that you are dreaming but you don't have control of your dream. You can transform a lucid dream into an out-of-body experience which is what we have in astral projection but that requires to have your mind (subconscious) fully awake.
  8. First I just want to say to all of you that if I write words in the wrong way or sound like I'm not making any sense, please ask for clarification, english is not my first language.

    I don't need to teach how to do it because every person goes in an astral voyage every time they go to sleep is a natural ability that everybody has. What I will show you are some techniques to keep your mind awake while you go into these experiences.
  9. I had been interested in that since 8th grade, but could never practice it. I would try and try for days, and never have a voluntary experience. But I did have an expirience because I guess my subconcious knew it and I would become awake and find myself flying out of my house. That happened about 6 times.

    I would really like to find out how to do this with weed.

    Question- I hear there are astral libraries with the ability to show you the future and past, ever heard of this?
  10. Flying is the main way that the astral body use to move, so you really had an experience and I'm glad to hear that. Next time just stay calm (to not awake your physical body) and try to move wherever (and I really mean wherever, even space)you want but always with the intention to improve yourself (or just enjoy the astral plane), otherwise an entity will deliver you right back to your body. About weed, there is nothing special, just that it helps to relax your body and putting it to sleep while keeping your mind awake. Believe me it really helps, that is how I got my first experience, I smoke almost too much that night. I will answer your question about the "libraries" in the post where I'm going to describe a little but of what you may find in the astral plane (dimension). Using weed or other things can help you have an astral projection without the ritual of go to bed and relax. I know people that can go into the astral plane almost instantly but that require years of practice and a lot of meditation.

    Keep practicing but remember not to try to hard because you will not relax.
  11. I've been both lucid dreaming and doing a form astral projection (for the record, most people who claim they can astral project are mistaking it for a lucid dream). Now I'm able to do this because of a natural condition know as sleep paralysis which I'm sure a few people here might rememver me talking about that.

    But for those of you who do not have sleep paralysis there are a few thing you can do to become a lucid dreamer/astral projector.

    1. Before you go to bed repeat to yourself "I will remember my dreams" at least five times, I usually do it for a few minutes, but all the research I've read says that you only need to do it five times. Doing this will make you more aware that you are dreaming, as well as help you remember your dreams.

    2. Once you start to remember more of your dreams, and start to remember more deatail from the dream you can start this next step. When you are going to bed and after you have recited "I will remember my dreams" start to focus on somthing like a colour or somthing that would really stick out in a dream. Personally I focus on the colour blue. By doing this there there will be a better chance that the colour(i'm pretty sure I'm spelling this wrong, but oh well) or object will appear in your dream. For me, I know I'm dreaming when there is allot of blue in my dreams, or the whole dream will have a blue tint to it.

    3. After a while you start to realize that when you see that object that you have focusing on that you are dreaming. Once you realize your dreaming you can controll the dream. At first you will not be able to stay awake for to long once you realize your dreaming, but after allot of practice you will gain complete control of not only your body, but your dreams.

    that's your guide to lucid dreaming, you will have to master that before going on to astral projection.

    Once you get full controll of your body (being able to control your dreams without waking up) you can make this transition. and for this there is really only one step.

    Once you realize your dreaming try to clear head of the dream, you want your mind to be completley clear, again I do this by concentrating on a object that has no meaning, again like a colur. It has to be somthing that won't trigger you to think in depth about it. chanting a calming verse is also known to be very effective. Once your mind is completly under control start focusing on a limb, I usually do my left leg (for no reason other than It's what I'm comforatable doing) just focus on the limb thinking about how light it feels, how it's so light it could just float into the air. You should start to feel it getting lighter and lighter, once it feels like it's in the air go to another limb untill both arms and legs feel as if they are floating. Next just move on to what ever part feels the heaviest. If it worked for you then you should now feel like your whole body is floating. Again you will most likely wake up at this point so this will take allot of practice. But once you can stay asleep for long enough you can have what seems like an out of body experience or astral project (again it is not known if astral projection in it's true form is actually possible).

    Sorry for the long post but I hope this info will be helpfull to those who are patient enough to give it a shot.

    I know I spelled allot wrong but I'm nice and blazed right now.
  12. Aight, those who remember me will know how much of a sceptic I am. So it won't come as a surprise when I say I don't believe in astral projection (AP). But I'm very interested in learning how it's supposed to work.

    Ask me AP might be a kind of weird dream, so I'd like a few of those who claim to be able to leave their body to do certain tests:

    1. Contact a mate, tell him you'll be watching him/her a certain time of day. Next time you tell him/her what you saw'em do and check if you're right

    2. Contact another person who can perform AP. Set a date and place. Then one of'em is supposed to carry a private message from me (or someone else) to the other person. Then the other one reports back to me. I'll see if the recipient got the right message.
  13. Another thing I want to point out is that some people that is able to concentrate claim that they can go into the astral plane but what they really do is projecting themselves mentally. The difference between astral projection and mental projection is that in astral projection you can visit any place even if you have never been there. Mental projection you only can go places that you know. I bet that everybody has had a dream about been in an unknown place. That is an astral voyage, only thing is that your not aware of it.

    Doob, thanks for your post, very good description of how do you feel when you are going into the astral plane. For those of you that are trying to do this it is very important that you ignore all sensation you feel during your astral projection. This include the vibration of your etheric body and the rapid and strong heartbeat. It is normal, just try to remain calm.

    You can find a lot of techniques in the web but again, if you try too hard to visualize things (like in the Rope Technique) and you are not good at visualization, that is going to make you unable to concentrate. Find your own relaxation technique or make one yourself but try to be aware of your dreaming.
  14. You willing to take the test?
  15. Astral projection not only depends on you capacity to concentrate or relax. Part of it is the intention, why you want to do astral projection (otherwise you will be in a lucid dream without the capacity of controlling it). That test doesn't sound like something that is going to help me to grow spiritually. Also it is hard to talk to other people when you are in astral projection. If that person doesn't has the mind awake (in other words doesn't know that he/she is in the astral plane) don't even bother to talk to him/her. I tried to do it with one of my friends and what happened was that she didn't believe me. We were in the astral plane but her mind was asleep and when that happens, people confuse astral projection with reality. Another thing is that the astral body doesn't like to get close to other bodies, it is very dificult to do it unless that other body is a high vibration entity or one of your masters/spiritual guides. The astral body prefers to travel alone or go into one of the many "tunnels" you can find in that dimension. Try it really hard and you'll see that everything that people is aying here is real. Do it like a test:)
  16. /\/\/\so true /\/\/\

    I know the first few times I was able to astral project I tried to seek people out, but it wasn't the greatest experience, it's almost not comforatable and would always cause the experience to end. After a while I just started doing my own thing, trying to do and see as many things as possible. I've never been able to get too close to some one else but I have always wanted to.
  17. That is not the intention of the test..reread my proposal. I wanna know if you're dreaming (what I actually believe) or if you really can visit other physical places...

    Here's the catch:

    If it really were possible, with our technology we would already have exploited and perfected it. We would have learned it and taught our children...this way families and friends could stay in touch way better than today...just go visit mom on a slow evening...

    But of course there's the possibility that tele- and internet companies have a secret circle who rounds up every scientist involved in research on the matter, put a mind probe in him, then delete everything he he doesn't ruin their business...but that's just for cracked up conspiracy nuts ;)
  18. Im gonna read the thread after i post this. But ive been reading about Astrol Projection lately and it hit me that ive reached it before with out realizing it. Ive just been sitting with my eyes closed relaxing and BAM somehow im able to see through my eyelids and everything is so clear. I know it sounds like a fucked up dream but its different than a dream somehow. I dont know how to explain it. I wish i would have got up and looked around
  19. I'm very intrested in astral projection, i've had lucid dreams, but not for about a year now that i think about, i've never tried to control it because most of my lucid dreams were me facing my fears. I've also had an OBE when i hit my head very hard when i was a kid, i hit the pavement with my head and when that happend i felt myself rise out of my body i was floating above my body, wierd thing is my body appeared to be moving even though i was floating above it, at that point a blacked out, and awoke about 20 feet from where i was, everyone who was thier had no idea i had been out of my body, they were unaware, i had even talked to someone while i was out of body.

    I've done a bit of research on it, im quite good at self-hipnosis and can get my body to a very relaxed state, even that of feeling floating, after reading this post before a went to bed last night i put myself into deep relaxation and tried to get out of body, i felt like i was very close, but every time i felt like that my heart beat was starting to increase, and an overall feeling of nervousness. (if it makes any sense i felt like i could get 1 leg out, but at this point i kept comming back)

    My other question is this, when i've actually made it out of my body will i need to open my eyes to see my sorrunding, i've heard some donot have thier astral vision at first and may not be able to see. Or will be like being able to see through my eyelids.

    I also have a good imagination and can create objects/places/etc. in my mind, i feel very close to being able to get thier, but i'm not 100% what the best method is to reach the astral plane.

    Finally, is it best to start trying to have more lucid dreams again before trying to get to the astral plane.

    Im extremely intrested, any advice, or good reading material you might have on this subject please pass it my way, thnx :)
  20. That feeling of nervousness is what you have to control. Just don't pay attention to it becauseas you experienced it, that feeling won't let you go out completely. It sounds like you have a good capacity to get out. As soon as you feel that you are out of your body try to stay relax and open your eyes slowly, without a hurry.

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