Astral projection attempt, weird sensation

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  1. So i used to try to astral every now and then and yesterday i smoked some weed and i decided to try and astral or just do some deep meditation with a guide, so i do, and after ~10m i'm starting to feel as i'm floating with the couch and then i thought i was gonna pass out or something, like i got dizzy then i opened my eyes again and i felt better
    and tomorrow i'm going to the job centre to fill in some paperwork and i thought that i'd give it another go when i'm back
    so my questions are, is that sensation normal? should i just try and keep going when i feel it?
    any advice at all?
  2. Yes, that should happen before the vibrations wave across your body. I achieved the same state this morning but had difficulties relaxing my legs enough to vibrate enough. I did have some nice visuals and sensations though. It will feel as if your hands are free from your body, and it means you're doing it right. Just let it happen.
  3. Dont fight it or get scared. Let it happen

  4. This.

    the more you surrender to the experience, the more you'll get out of it / the further you'll project.

    Just let go, its alright to feel uncomfortable.
  5. thank you everyone, i'll give it another go later and yeah, hope it goes well
  6. ive gone some crazy places in my mind. me and my friend have tried meeting eachother before, we were sooooo close, but there was something blocking us for sure.
    you definitly have to let yourself feel it though. its part of the experience. takes some practice. i havnt done it in soo long im probably very rusty.
  7. Wait? What? This sounds awesome! How exactly does one attempt Astral Projection?
  8. I wish I could this. I'm too ADHD and have to keep moving
  9. hey alrex, just a quick question, off topic, but anyway, is it common for people with ADHD to have sleeping issues?
  10. [quote name='"mr sebastior"']hey alrex, just a quick question, off topic, but anyway, is it common for people with ADHD to have sleeping issues?[/quote]

    Very common

    Racing thoughts that won't stop for hours. I tried going to bed at 9 pm last night, ended up falling asleep at 4 am.
  11. ah yeah i see, i have sleeping issues too, not adhd though
  12. I have constant back pain so that makes it hard to concentrate but when i didnt have it damn i could do it so easily i would just get high close my eyes and meditate for like 10 mins and BAM im gone

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