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Astounded at effects of cannabis. MMJ needs to be available in all states!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by weedisgood4433, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I guess this is a little off topic but I just wanted to share how much responsible cannabis consumption has improved my life. First, I do not have a debilitating physical illness, what I do have is a social anxiety disorder. This may not seem like a big deal, but it negatively impacts every aspect of my life in some way. I've been to therapists, hypnotists, taken countless presrciption meds, etc... with no luck.

    I had always smoked marijuana for "fun", but always seemed to smoke to much to the point where I was not all there. It recently dawned on me to try and supplement with cannabis to help deal with my disorder. It's been about two weeks, and all I do is take 3-4 hits from a joint and my social retardation is reduced to an almost non-existent level, it is nothing short of incredible. MMJ needs to be available in all states, it has worked better than ANYTHING I've ever tried that is actually legal, which is such a shame.

    Also it should be noted, I am an intelligent young person, I have a lot of stress daily and attend an Ivy League institution which will remain nameless. Cannabis has in no way effected my academic performance, in fact i feel as if my motivation to succeed is at an all time high. Any way, just my little success story, thought it would be cool to share. Might have to consider transfering to USC in the future :D.

  2. Cannabis is real medicine - no doubt!!!

  3. I honestly believe Marijuana IS a Panacea.

    It has no negative effects on the body AND makes everything better?!
  4. What kind of social anxiety disorder did you have? Congrats by the way for bettering your life:) Did you have problems being around a lot of people? or did you have problems talking to people??? I've been in asia for 5 years strait and will be comming back home soon. Being here so long has turned me into a hermit from the lack of socializing with people. Im interested in what you felt like before. Thanks
  5. I am pretty much fine being 1-on-1 with someone, but working with groups of people was horrible for me, like major panic attack horrible.
  6. Cannabis is one of THE oldest medicines. Been around since antiquity helping people with all kinds of ailments.

    Social anxiety is a common disorder especially these days.

    Your next assignment grasshopper is to grow your own. :)

  7. So when you smoke, are you quiet but relaxed around groups of people or do you find yourself engaging in conversations?
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    sounds like sativa would help more with this? not sure though. But when i smoke tons of an indica i kind of become so lazy that i lose motivation to even open my mouth even though theres something i would wanna say. But when i smoke a sativa i like to just say whatever is on my mind. lol

    Anyways to the OP thats great. It seems like every single pill could be replaced with weed. Too bad thats one of the things holding it illegal. The prescription drug companies would probably go out of business. It pisses me off SO much when better things dont happen just because economic reasons. Kind of like the way weed became illegal, with hemp and everything.

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