asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheZodiac, May 5, 2011.

  1. lol lunch box... man cant wait for it to get here. great part is my last final is the same day it arrives, so once i finish class new vaporizer time :D
  2. but......

    how will you carry your lunch?
  3. he will just have to eat it :smoke:
  4. haha sounds like a good idea to me

    man last night i watched restrepo really baked... terrible idea
    watching real warfare in that state of mind is tough

    on the other hand the movie was absolutely riveting

    edit: so i guess i woudnt say terrible idea, just very intense at times
  5. yea its intense. shows what people really go thru.. its nuts

  6. imdb shows
    Armadillo (2010) & The War Tapes (2006)
    as the same kinda movies have you seen either?
  7. nope havent seen either ive heard of armadillo just briefly

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