asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheZodiac, May 5, 2011.

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    Ok, this isn't for you, Zodiac, because you already purchased it, but this is for future purchasers.

    The following comment is from that site and it is an out and out lie: "This product includes the full item warranty... Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on heating elements. 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and labor (excludes glass parts)."

    Secondly, before anyone purchases from Rubberneck, check out the following threads:

    Again, you HAVE to ask yourself, how can a seller sell a product that is BELOW cost and be able to make a profit, UNLESS it was a Chinese made knock-off? Add to this that RubberNeck is OBVIOUSLY not buying their product from the manufacturer so they must be buying it from some middleman, who ALSO needs to make a profit. Again, how can Rubberneck sell at this price unless it was a super cheap Chinese made knock-off and keep in mind that these knock-off manufaturers have been doing this type of thing for decades so one can't just look at the packaging to make a determination if they are in fact getting a fake or a real product. Only way to really tell is to break a real one open and compare the internals against a known knock-off.

    Buyer beware on this one.

  2. yeah i get what your saying but considering all the positive feedback in genreal and this product specifically im not gonna worry about it
  3. i look forward to hearing how much you like your new piece
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  5. If you actually would have read through the thread, you would have seen that he already purchased a vape. BTW - Most of the Vapir line is crap.

  6. Most? From everything that I have read about Vapir, I'd say "all" rather than most.

    "Some" people have had good luck with Vapir, but considering how many negative reviews that Vapir gets, it looks like they have a major QC problem and that there are many other vapes in the market from which to choose than to ever have to gamble on a Vapir.
  7. My bad I'm new...well what's the best portable vape that doesn't use lighter fluid I'm always lookin for something better.
  8. And I can definately say the battery doesn't last as long as id like for it to on the vapir.....
  9. I can tell you right now, most of the replies to your question will be Magic Flight Lauch Box and I would agree 100%.
  10. i wouldnt buy a mflb unless you NEED something PORTABLE

    it works great when it does but its pretty inconsistent
    (personally the tragic flaw is the batteries out of the 6 that ive gone through 1 works well 1 decently the rest not at all)

    on a side note... really stoked to try out my extreme q =)

    i know ur supposed to run it for 30 min to burn off packing oils or w/e

    what temp do u guys usually run it at? and such

  11. For any prospective purchasers of the Box, know that the experience above is NOT typical.

    With that being said, there are better batteries and chargers that would be considered an upgrade.

  12. i would agree it doesn't happen to all but it does happen, just a potential warning for those who dont care about portability.

    & like i said when it did work it worked really well

  13. one thing i can tell you from experience is let it warm up with the bowl for at least 10 minutes before you smoke. i have done it with the bowl heated up and without and it hits far far better with everything at the right temp. your going to need to play with temps to see where you like it. that page shows the effect by temperature. i myself prefer to do elbow packs if im by myself and start them at 185C. if i pack a bowl i usually start around 180C. now after the gym if i smoke i prefer more of a body high to relax so ill drop it to 170 sometimes 165 depending on the nug. havent experamented too much with bags yet, but the few times i have i pack a bowl and start at 180 going up 10 degrees each bag
  14. eta is the 19th, really looking forward to it =)
  15. lol the guy doesnt want a magic lunch box or whatever...

    stop talking about it...

    thzodiac enjoy your new vape, although id certainly make sure the vape you've purchased is not a knock off...$143 seems a bit too cheap!
  16. well after almost a month of having my EQ and loving vaping so much i had to purchase an MFLB. smoking has just become distasteful to me haha.

  17. yeah the buyer has 2623 feedbacks overall only 2 were negative and about 10 neutral
    most of which are because of shipping speed
    so it should be good

  18. I have a piece and although it works i hate how my breathing feels the next morning and my throat as well
  19. good man, as long as its not a cheap copy with harmful materials inside all is good...

    you will love it :) much better option than lunch box :)

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