asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

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  1. looks legit ive never used ebay myself soo..
  2. Its not gonna come with the warranty for that price.
  3. the warranty is only from authorized dealers, think you will get a great unit but doubtful youll get the warranty
  4. Go with that EQ, you will love it. I absolutely love mine and have had 2 friends go out and buy one after using mine (have only had it 2 weeks). The amount of nug you save is rediculous. The unit will pay for itself in no time
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    hmn thats tricky, what the cheapest place you guys have seen that includes the warranty? (like website/ a specific link)

    id rather pay and extra $30-50 or whatever and have a lifetime heater warranty + 3 yrs on other parts
  6. think the warranty adds bout 75 bucks maybe more
  7. again, go to FC and ask these same questions, you will get much more, qualified answers, much more quickly then here. now GO!
  8. FC is the place for vapes ;)
  9. Your best bet is to purchase from amazon to retain the warranty on the Extreme Q. Best price I've seen is for about $180 with free shipping. I've already had a warranty issue and the seller was the one to fix the problem. There are two popular sellers on Amazon that sell these and I would reccomend either Just Vaporize or VapeMaster as they both have 100% postive rating.

  10. HerbalAir

    According to the manufacturer, just about anyone selling it below the suggested retail price of 299 is likely unauthorized. If you have a specific reseller that you are considering, I'd contact Arizer here and ask if they are in fact, authorized: Arizer Contact
  11. check out
  12. That 2nd one has 100% positive feedback. looks legit. kind of weird both sellers have more than 10 available and are selling them for about half retail price. I added it to my watch list though, I'm thinking about getting a bag vape for next year.

  13. If legit, you mean that they are authorized to sell the Extreme by Arizer and therefore Arizer will cover these with their warranty, then these sellers are NOT legit.

  14. yeah at this point im thinking ill buy :


    $137 is a great price for an extreme q.

    considering id have to pay the $300 to get the warranty. (even if this one broke i could buy another and still spend under $300)
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    ^^ There are also Chinese made knock-offs of this vape floating around, so a word to the wise. One has to wonder how a seller can make a profit selling a vaporizer at below cost, unless of course, it was a knock-off.
  16. Dude ^^^ What he said, I just literally did the same thing, researched and found out that I wanted an SSV, you cant beat the price 7thfloor offers for what they call a "blemished"product. I got mine 3 days ago, no blemish--and is fully working..oh yeah I havent "combusted" since I got my new toy :hello:

    Also, the SSV is perfect in ways in which each piece is independent of itself and you can replace each part as you please--oh yeah! it comes with custom blown glass pieces (the knob, heating element etc)

    Good luck on your decision

  17. My friend has an SSV and i personally hate it. The EQ has a digital readout so it is much easier to get the temp you want. You also have the ability to do bags and whip. I personally dont want to have to hold the wand up to the bowl and rotate it while i smoke. I would much rather lay back and use my remote (which only the EQ has). I can also leave the bowl attatched between hits and even smoke a bowl over the course of an hour without anything being wasted. The SSV is nice dont get me wrong, but when it came down to getting a vape for myself it was a no brainer on which to choose.

  18. damn way to rain on my parade lol. now i just plain dont know where to buy one... i have the money but i dont wanna spend more then necessary.

  19. yeah i was originally gonna buy a silver surfer but i really like the bag option
  20. Then you sir have narrowed your decision, we all have our preferences:p

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