asthmatic looking for a vape ($200 or less)

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  1. i went from a iolite to a ssv...and the difference is simply amazing...after i bought my ssv i thought hmm perhaps ive just spent $270 for not a lot...

    took a hit and wow, the extra lenght, feed of fresh air next to the heating element just didnt compare to the iolite...very smooth hits...

    in conclusion ssv ftw.
  2. Something else to consider.

    Being that you are asthmatic, you may be better off with a bag based vape versus a whip based vape being that bag based vapes have a higher air to vapor ratio which may be a bit more kinder to your lungs.

    Using the above thoughts, that would leave out vapes such as the Buddha or Silver Surfer, but bring into play some dual mode vapes such as the Extreme, the HerbalAire and the Oracle as well as a dedicated bag vape like the Volcano.

    If it were me, and I had a lung condition, I would go for the HerbalAire. Less expensive than either the 'Cano or the Oracle and has a cleaner vapor path than the Extreme with less glass parts that can break.
  3. ^^ Ugggg............There are more negative reports/reviews on Vapir product than on any other product in the vaporizer marketplace. Reports of leaking vapor along with toxic smells and taste would keep me from every recommending this vape. While it's possible to get a good one, taking that gamble, considering what I just stated, in my opinion, is not worth the chance that you "may" get a good one. There are just too many other good vapes that have consistently good reviews to ever recommend a Vapir.
  4. Magic flight box man, Thats your best bet
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  6. I'm asthmatic but loooooooove my mflb

  7. i have an mflb and while it was great when it worked ive had a lot of problems because the batteries have been very unreliable, out of six only 1 works properly now. the others will no longer charge, no idea why. and i want to get something nicer, and portability doesnt matter to me.
  8. maybe a volcano would be best? i love my EQ but i was thinkin and read lwien post earlier and you would have more vapor to air ratio. plus you wouldnt have to hit a whip for a very long time either but then again if you want both features get the EQ or HA.

  9. I would prob buy a volcano but im not ballin rich, id rather spend the 1-200 bucks now and spend the rest on weed over time :D
  10. no i hear ya 500-600 is alot too much for me as well. thinking your looking more in the 250 - 300 if you want a good quality unit to help your condition. i would say HA, EQ but yes its air pathway is thru its electronic part so may not be as clean vapor

  11. what unit is a ha ?
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    I highly recommend getting a Vapolution.
    It doesn't have a weird taste like most ceramic element vaporizers have (I also have a Vapor Brothers vaporizer that uses a ceramic element).

    Vapolution doesn't use a ceramic element, it actually has a coil around heat tempered glass that vaporizes the bud in side of it.
    It's glass on glass.

    There's two versions of the Vapolution out, I think both are solid. The prices range from $100 to $175.
    Here's a search on ebay for it:
  13. Another brand to stay away from ^

  14. lol yea once i saw the design i was like ....not so much lol
  15. yea, and you should really be reading on FC if you arent already...
  16. good choice i really do love my EQ, let me know what you think

  17. thx

    do u think the $`137 deal above on ebay looks legit?

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