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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LedZeppelin, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Is it safe to smoke Pot with Asthma?
  2. My friend does it all the time along with cigs... he has asthma attacks sometimes and that shit is scary but it's his choice... I dunno if it';s good but I don't think it is
  3. THC is a broncial dialator, or so I'm told. Sorry I don't have any links for you. But what that means is that it opens up the bronchial tubes, whould actually allows you to breate better. Or, that's the theory, anyway. Use a vaporizor for the best results. :)
  4. I've got asthma and i find that i'm fine so long as i use really super thin rizla of a vap, and smoke it pure!

    It gets you fucked much quicker and it tastes better than with baccy!
  5. I have asthma and smoke a few times a week but i eat it some of the time as well, i can still breath and i smoke cigs on occasion like the weekend, not a constant smoker.

    But whenever i'm stoned i have no breathing problems at all.

    So yea it's safe to smoke, go ahead and smoke.
  6. hmmm,the decision could really go both ways.If recently you've had an asthma attack i would take it easy. if you have asthma and havent had an attack recently then yes go ahead. today is wed. i had an attack on sunday ive smoked like 4 times since and it definetly hasnt helped anything.Irritated more if anything

    edit:maybe more irritaint becuz i havent had my inhaler for a few days

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