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Asthma + weed /Experience?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KrunksGroove, Nov 1, 2014.

  1.   I was just curious as to the perspectives of fellow asthmatics who smoke pot. Does it help, or make it worse? 
     For me personally I have a severe anxiety disorder so It can be hard to tell what's in my head vs reality. Sometimes I feel like my throats closes up, and mucus thickens to a degree that causes choking. 
     Anyone else with experience on asthma and weed?

  2. asthmatics shouldn't be smoking anything at all..
    maybe vape? possibly...
    but ultimately asthmatics should lean towards edibles and tinctures.
  3. I'm not asthmatic but was called borderline at birth and I've never been bugged putting smoke in my lungs.
  4. a friend of mine is asthmatic and smoking helps him with it, he doesnt go for his inhaler as often.
  5. Weed actually works as a bronchodilator and in some cases has been more effective than Salbutamol/Ventolin. Of course desired respiratory functions come back much quicker using an inhaler but the effects were even and in some cases greater using THC as a bronchodilator within the one hour mark.

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