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Asthma Project

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by BlackRose, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hello dudes and dudets...

    First post and not my first language, so please be gentle :)
    I signed up because I need some help with a project I'm about to start for personal gain, hopefully.

    I have asthma and I'm curious about the effects cannabis can have for me. I have read, at a very least, a dozen different summarizes of reports and studies on the subject. Everything seams a bit vague and/or old, some are dated all the way back to the 70:s ...
    I have read both studies that are for and against this type of medication. What I can see from all the pros is that it seams to be individual how the body is effected. I also notice the lack of research of different means of consumption, they all seam to blame weed for the fact that it's being smoked with no interest in investigation of alternative ways.

    The project I wish to preform is my own study on my self, basically.


    Why I wish to do this..?

    I have never needed medication/inhaler while smoking. From what I read, a lot of people have the same experienced as me on this matter. The day after I've serious needs for it though. I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that I actually smoked. Pure buds - no tobacco - but still.


    How I wish to preform the "study"..!

    It has now been 2 days sense I last smoked. The plan is to wait a month (shit that sounds long) with no smoking while I only use my ordinary inhaler.
    While doing this I will monitor my breathing every morning and night with a simple device from the doctors office.

    After this month of hell is completed I will vape every weekend for a month while using ordinary medication. Same monitoring technics as above.

    In the third stage I will vape every day and try not to use any other medication what so ever. Same monitoring...

    After this is completed I will try the same again but this time smoking instead of vaping. This step is to see the difference, if any, between vaping and smoking.

    The project may or may not continue with different eatables...


    Questions I have for you..!

    I live in Spain where I have access to multiple private and legal cannabis associations. With other words; weed isn't an issue. But what sort of weed should be best fitted for my asthma? I understand that the THC expands the lung channels but wont help the irritation on the surface. So when the effect of the THC is gone my state should go back to my ordinary state before consumption - not good ofc. But CBD should hopefully help with this sense it has antiinflammatory properties.

    I read something about sativa should be the strain to go. I like indica better and would prefer this one though. I don't really know the difference between the strains, more then how it gets me high :) does it really matter what strain I use?


    All relative information is ofc welcome.

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