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Asthma and Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bman1, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I'm so confused! I may be smoking weed soon. I am reading conflicting things about the affects on asthma. I have had medium asthma for my entire life. I've never been hospitalized or anything, usually if something is wrong I just take my inhaler and it's all better. Now some people are saying weed fixes asthma while some say it is terrible for asthma. Now I'm not going to be a frequent smoker, just every once in a while if at all after this time. Also, once when I was younger I had a bad reaction to sitting next to a big group of tobacco smokers at an event for a few hours, though this was fixed with my inhaler, my asthma has much improved since then. Please help me! What are the effects going to be on my asthma? Also, what would be the worst and best way to smoke it (bong, pipe, joint, blunt)? Should I use my rescue inhaler before smoking pot? I am just a naive teenager and I know this is a phase I will grow out of, so I don't care so much about the long term effects, more about if I will have an attack or serious reaction during or after smoking weed.
  2. My asthma is exactly the same level as yours, and I have been smoking for 10 years. It really isn't bad, but you need to stay away from blunts and joints rolled with tobacco. I use an iced cooled bong or a vape and that doesn't really bother my lungs too much. Sometimes I cough in the morning, but honestly its only a little bit occasionally. If smoke is a very strong trigger for you, you will want to take this into consideration. Smoke is a trigger for me, but I can be around it without having an attack. Either way, I would start out with a glass bowl and take light hits until your lungs get used to the idea. If you can afford it, getting a vape is definately the way to go.
  3. where i live they roll joints with tobacco all the time, even in the blunts..? i know..

    it finally took a toll on me after i did my spring cleaning especially with allergy season and i had to go to the er where i was put on the albuterol inhaler thing, and was diagnosed with bronchitis, good thing about it was i got a tylenol with codeine pill that gave me a lil buzz while i couldnt smoke...thing is, i started smoking plainees (just weed) and moved to tobacco and there is really no benefit, its 420 and im skeptical on smokin but i been saving some lemon skunk right before i got sick, im gonna roll a plainee and then go to school..still got some chest pain...im surprised because i havent had asthma or have been sick since 02' 03'..which is around the time i started tokin
  4. Never had asthma, but I would say take small hits and wait ten minutes o avoid getting paranoid. I will warn you when I get paranoid, its usually (well over 50% of the time) me being afraid I cant breathe, the less high you get, less likely for paranoia.

  5. So true, that's what happens to me. And the fact that I have allergies to nuts (deathly) gets me really freaked out thinking that their might of been nuts contacted with the weed. :( But I always buy from trusted dealers or my own shit so.. :)

    I used to have asthma when I was little (stopped when I was around 8-9) and I do not have it anymore, just like everyone else says, take slow and easy hits and I highly recommend you get a vaporizer.
    There is a topic on here how to make a vape out of a lightbulb and a few other household products, works great.
  6. or you could just cook with the weed..high last much longer and no smoke!
  7. i have been having asthma since i was 11 months and now i am 24 i have been smoking for a little over 8 years. It does help with asthma it relaxes your lungs which relieves the tightness when i first started smoking i thought i was growing out but it was the weed. but yes it help just google or yahoo it you will see tons of stories from old and young
  8. I have asthma and very bad allergies. I've been smoking for two years without a problem. Just bring your inhaler if you think you're going to need it. And if you're having a bad day with tyour asthma, don't go crazy smoking blunts. Learn to take care of yourself with the amazing powers of weed. =p
  9. I have very minor asthma too and I just use my inhaler if I feel that the smoke is irritating. Over the years I've weaned myself off of it but yesterday after hitting the 6 foot bong it was necessary lol.
  10. Ive been smoking for a long time, and have asthma like you. I have inhalers and advair, never been hospitalized or anything, no attacks ethier.

    Smoking weed may vary within the person, but you have reactions to cigarette smoke it seems, I have no reactions to smoke, so I dont know what its do with you

    Best way for less harsh lungs is to use a bong, fill the top with ice cubes, cools down the ice for a easy intake.

    But I smoke more blunts than I do bongs, I also smoke joints pipes anything. All depends on the person and your lung capacity
  11. One of my best friends has asthma and he does fine, he just needs his inhaler to smoke some weed.. Also the bongs w/ ice is so nice.
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    I've been smoking for a couple years now and I have pretty bad asthma, it has not effected me a bit. THC actually opens up the lung tubes just like the inhalers we use. The smoke on the other hand constricts. That's why you might cough more when smoking something like schwag compared to nug. More THC, the more your lungs will be opened, and that's why nugs are normally so smooth.

    I personally use a bubbler with ice in it, you can't honestly feel a thing at all. It is recommended though since smoke constricts and THC opens up the lungs that you either smoke out of the classic vamp, or just find some edibles.

    I've try to smoke blunts with tobacco in it and right when I inhaled just a little smoke my tubes instantly close up, yet pot smoke goes down nicely. I guess it does just depend on how your lungs and such are setup in your body.
  13. Cannabis gives total opposit effects of tobacco, TOBACCO IS THE REAL EVIL WEED!
    When you smoke weed, it opens up your airways and dilates your capillaries. So it can only help, though if someone has very bad athsma,it would be best to consume it some otehr way besides smoking, like using a vaporizer or baking edibles. Since you are probably just going to smoke, i would advise against a joint or blunt, because those can be extremly harsh for a new smoker, pipe or bong would be best for you. Short answer, weed DOES help people suffering from athsma, since it opens your airways, tobacco malkes them constrict and that can probably kill you.
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    Smoking Marijuana is never a good thing, albeit enjoyable and fast. MJ has been found to be a short term bronchodilator, but smoking long-term is not suggested as it has been linked to an increase in respiratory symptoms. There are a number of other means of imbibing MJ that are much safer, tasty, and cost-effective. If you are worried about it at all, I suggest trying a Vaporizer. There are several here on the GC website.
  15. I have asthma and tabacco smoke does irritate me a little, but with weed I have no reactions. If you don't have bad asthma then you should be fine. Just do a little search on google. Btw I am still able to use Blunts/joints but it gets hard to hit once they get down to roach.
  16. I've had asthma since birth and it does help, enough to even cure it possibly. You have to moderate though! When i first started i smoked every day all day. i was choking so much and coughing that it made my asthma worse. And too much smoke is going to make it worse no matter what. if you decide to keeo smoking try to smoke only once every few days. Dont get burned out like most of us here, being high is just daily life for us, being sober feels weird

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    FYI sorry for the long post, but i want to help you becuase i was in the exact same situation as yourself. i was honestly in the exact same boat as you. Rewind back to when i first wanted to start smoking. I wanted to smoke but was scared becuase of my Asthma, i looked online and couldnt find anything that i really wanted. (on to tobbaco smokers), I used to as a kid freak out when anyone would smoke next to me becuase of my Asthma, i would need my inhaler and everything would be fine, as long as i left. (back to weed), I eventually smoked and i didnt get a Asthma attack or anything at all, but i will say one time i think i had a mild Asthma Attack, didnt do anything major but it was scary. Anyways ive been smoking for a while now and i havent had any Asthma attacks since that first time i did. As to people saying weed curing asthma, i have personnaly noticed that weed hasnt changed anything at all, i dont feel any different, i dont find it easier to breathe or anything like that. (by the way i have medium asthma also). I smoke weed at least 3 or 4 times a week, and i havent had anything bad happen to me. Ok so my points to you is, weed doesnt effect you negatively or positvely with asthma, and as for using the inhaler, i used to bring it around with me, but recently i found i never need it when im smoking, but i would recommend bringing it with you the first time you smoke, and if you are starting to have trouble breathing, use it. (FYI, if i were you dont ever hot box or clam bake, i always have trouble breathing becuase of little oxygen in the air). As for what to smoke out of i like bongs and joints. I have my own bong and find it nice to smoke from, i dont like bowls that much, and joint are really nice because they remind me of cigar which i smoke alot of. You shouldnt have any bad long term effect just to let you know, and i am quite sure u will not get an asthma attack, i have never gotten one, besides the first time i smoked which i dont think was really an asthma attack. I would carry that inhaler with you, the first couple times you smoke, just in case. Last but not least, have fun man, dont think about the asthma when your doing this, becuase that will make you panic, youll be fine and nothing bad will happen. 
    When you eventually smoke, please please tell me if you got high for your first time. It sounds like a random statement but it took me like a month to get high for my first time. Please message me.
    Again sorry for that huge post. lol.  
    Just realize this is a post from 2009, lol, still when you get this can you sill message me about the P.S. since you proabably have done marijauna since then
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    I've had pretty severe asthma since I was 2 (was hospitalized for a week or more 3 times before I was 5 just due to asthma, was hospitalized a minimum of once a year for attacks after that til I was 16).
    I'm now on Singulair and Flovent.
    I smoke daily at least one sesh. Went for a few months smoking at least 2-3 times a day.
    While it takes more of a toll than it would on an average persons lungs on us (I still take my inhaler for mild breathing restriction probably 2-3 times a week, would probably be taking it once or none if I wasn't smoking), it is not a major one.
    Also exercise is key, I ran into some scary breathing troubles smoking regularly (tobacco as well at the time), as soon as I started exercising and cut out the baccy I felt a lot better.
  19. cigerette smoke kills my breathing.  feels like i'm not getting any oxygen.  weed doesn't do this if smoked out of a lotus vape.  a vapor genie with hemp wick causes a little tightness but nothing like a wiff of cigarette smoke.
  20. you know they said tobacco and smoking was good for asthma
    Fun fact of the day. The more you know.

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