Assorted Strains Grow, DJ Short and Sensi. T5/CFL.

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  1. Hi everybody. I'm not new to growing, but this is my first grow journal. I've got several grows under my belt now, and I wanted to do a SoG grow. I have very little space, so I'm trying to get the most out of it. I will be using 2 gallon buckets with FF Ocean Forest and Super Soil (TM? lol). I will be using a four bulb T5HO 200watt light, plus several T8 and CFL lights that I have laying around. (Eventually I'm going to upgrade to LED.) I'm starting with 18 seeds:

    Green House Seeds:
    x2F Jack Herer
    I've grown this before, and it convinced me to try the real deal from Sensi. These are two left over from my last grow. I like the skunky smell you get once a nug is broken, and it tastes very hazy. I think it's a good strain, but not the best I've ever had. 6/10

    DJ Short Seeds:
    x2R Blueberry
    x2R Grape Krush
    x2R Vanilluna
    I've heard many good things about DJ Short's seeds, and I wanted to try several strains. I'm most excited for the vanilluna, even the seeds have a crazy mix of cream and black stripes on the outside.

    Sensi Seeds:
    x2R Afghani #1
    x2R Jack Herer
    x2R Nothern Lights
    I can't wait to see how Sensi's JH compares to GHS's. I've always wanted to grow Northern Lights, just the name sounds wonderful, and so many strains today have it as a parent. I picked the Afghani because I wanted a real couch-locking, OHOK strain, lol.

    Delicious Seeds:
    x1F Sugar Black Rose
    This strain is supposed to be one of the best tasting strains around. Since Fruity Pebbles OG is RIP, I thought I'd try this one.

    Bomb Seeds:
    x1F Cherry Bomb
    My fiance helped me pick this one. She really likes cherry-flavored things, but there aren't many strains with a strong cherry flavor that I know of. This strain is supposed to be sour tasting too, which is a plus for me. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

    Mr. Nice Seeds
    x2R Black Widow
    I've never had White Widow. But I found out that there's many competing varieties of it out there. Black Widow from Mr. Nice seems to be the "most original" of the WWs. These plants may outgrow the SoG, and if they do, I'll place them off to the side by themselves.

    Those are the strains I'm growing. The seeds are germinating right now. I'll update once I can confirm how many sprouted, which will hopefully be all of them. I'll have pictures once my room is finished and I have some plants to take pictures of. Thanks for reading!
  2. I'm back with an update and a pic. All were successfully germinated except for one of the black widows and both northern lights seeds. :( I planted the NL seeds just in case they're still alive, but the BW seed was clearly dead. Still, 15 out of 18 isn't bad. Most of them have already sprouted! I can't wait to see this one through. It looks like I'll be getting more NL seeds when I do my next grow. Here is a pic of the little sprout-lings, they're in fox farm light warrior soil:


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