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Assistance on getting my card in Colorado please :)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by KittyCupcake, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. What's up grasscity. Finally getting my Medcard this week. I'm not as familiar as I want to be with the whole process. I know some places offer you an evaluation and send your info to the state and others don't - I personally want to find a place that will do everything for me. Anyone know of some clinics associated with despenseries around englewood or downtown denver that has a good price and will include everything required to get a medcard?
  2. I got my evaluation from relaxed clarity in broomfield. You go in, fill a bunch of forms out, talk to certain people, get it notarized, then a nurse sees you, asked questions, waiting room again, doctor talks to you, fills out your forms depending on your condition and you're on your way.

    Relaxed clarity made it really easy, they even give you a check off paper so you know you're sending everything required to the state. If you have any more questions feel free to inbox me and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.
  3. I did a google search when I was looking into getting mine, there will be lots of helpful results there. Make sure to call ahead to make sure that the place you're looking at does doctors evaluations AND has a notary. I went to a place (sorry, forgot the name otherwise I would post it here) that had the doctor but their notary was out when I was there, so I had to go to UPS to get my paperwork notarized... Got a lot of funny looks from the people working there.

    Umm... Actually, I think the place I went to was called Green Docs. They gave me a coupon for a nearby dispensary when I visited their doctor, but I'd be willing to bet that a lot of places will do that. I think they were on Lawrence st in Denver. They do have a notary, but if you go there make sure the notary is actually in.
  4. That sucks so bad! I'm in cali and i didnt have to get my GreenCard Notarized or anything... I just went to the place where i can get my card, fill out some paper work, wait for the doctor and depending on what you go in to see him about. You will get your card if the doctor allows it. Then your on your way after you pay a fee
  5. Anyone ever heard of someone being turned down?
  6. Seriously??? Lol no everyone is accepted
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