Assholes get the finest things in life .. nice guys nope

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Im just in awe that nice guy finish last bullshit ..

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    By your logic, bill gates is a tool. Confidence is all it takes to get a girl, you need to learn to be assertive young blood
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    Perfect example of a good guy who won. The guy is a billionaire. The question is, who would the OP rather be, Justin Bieber or A good guy. Ask any female and they would pick the good guy since Justin Bieber is such a douchebag. Just an example. I'm a female and I feel like this sometimes too. I would drink and smoke to fight sorrows, but drinking a lot has made me sick the past few times, so I am abstaining from that for a while. I am pretty much working my way up and it's really hard sometimes seeing people with better things/have it easier than I do. Sometimes I feel like I have the short end of the stick as well, but I am trying to fight through that to make a better life for myself. You can do that as well OP and good guys/girls usually work the hardest for what they want and it usually pays off in the end.
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  4. you gotta walk the line
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  5. Sorry bro, but in my experience "nice guys" seem to be under the impression that the world owes them something just because they think of themselves as nice. You don't get props or something special for being a decent human being. That's what you're supposed to do anyway. Life doesn't owe you anything for being a good person. Women especially don't owe  you anything for being a good person. And if you think being a good person should entitle you to everything, or ownership over another person, you're probably not as good of a person as you give yourself credit for.
    Sorry to come across so harsh bro, but I can't stand that self pitying bullshit. It's crap. If you want something in life, go after it with genuine effort. It's not going to be handed to you, even if you're a "nice guy." Maybe some assholes have everything you want. But maybe, they worked harder for it you know? What exactly are you doing to achieve these goals of yours? Being an asshole won't get you anywhere in life. What you need is some good old fashioned get 'er done.
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  6. Weeping with you bro, it's just not fair.
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  7. assholes is what pussy guys "nice guys" call guys who are confident and assertive enough to go places, dont ask for what you want in your life, take what you want! dont wait around for life to come to you, get out there, smash a glass in the motherfuckers face and take it by the throat!
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  8. I don't think you guys really know Bill gates. I know I don't. I could read a biography and still wouldn't know much about him. I wouldn't go saying he's a good guy just yet. Hold your horses.
    I'm a good guy for the most part, and The Lord takes shits on me.
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    Yeah, sorry to bust your theory bub. I'm an asshole, and I don't get shit! Your problem is you are a lazy ass stoner with no ambition. I have all of that shit. Prison record, no diploma fucked me in life. But I'm good looking, talk a golden game and wasn't ever afraid to show the ladies what a pervert I could be. So I did get laid quite a lot. Plus I have a tongue that would make Gene Simmons look like a mute!
  10. It's necessary to be somewhat of an asshole whilst remaining generally moral. As above, you walk the line.
  11. Just read about this asshole in the local news...

    Worcester Sheriff's Deputies were called to the Snow Hill Parole & Probation Office to investigate a possible fugitive from Delaware. Officials say 25 year old Christopher Jones admitted to his probation officer that he'd just smoked marijuana with friends in the car he arrived at the Probation Office in. Deputies went to the car and smelled marijuana – a search turned up a bag of marijuana and a pipe. 24 year old Deshae Foster of Millsboro and 21 year old Asia Brittingham of Georgetown were charged with possession and released. Police learned Jones was wanted in Delaware but the state wouldn't extradite him so he was released at the scene....
  12. Oh my bad bro. I forgot that Bill Gates is a real nigga
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    Most guys who consider themselves, "nice guys," are full of shit.
    Look at you, talking about being stuck with a normal wife, instead of a trophy wife? What the F is that?
    How are you an different from an asshole other than not having the confidence to get what you want? I swear all you supposed nice guys are just insecure jealous assholes that think they are nice guys. But really you are just lying to yourselves.
  14. Here let me get you a tissue. Now get the hell out of mom's basement and go grab life by the balls nancy-boy.

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  15. There's absolutely no reason you cant be nice and accomplish shit. You just arent accomplishing shit.
  16. I'm a nice guy, matter of fact fuck being anything else. I'm kind and honest with everyone, including the ignorant. The "finer things" are for folks who define their existence with stuff. I define my path with experience, relationships, love and, joy, joy and jubilee.
  17. But honestly though, some of my closest friends aren't considered "popular" they're the nicest people and still get treated like shit. But then you got a star college athlete that fucks high school freshman and he constantly gets arrested on possession charges but still gets a college scholarship. Sent from my Nexus S 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. Women don't tend to like beta males who are indecisive pussies - just the way the world works :smoking:
  19. You're right op. I used to be an asshole. Recently I've been a nice guy, and my car breaks down. Being the nice guy has cost me $2600 so far, but fuckit. The world's better off.
  20. thats why over the last few years i've slowly become a kunt. not a sad miserable prick, just a 'every man for himself ' kinda guy. help only your immediate family and closest friends. fuk everyone else.
    Because they sure as hell don't give a fuk about you. Sad reality. But like i said, not an excuse to become an uncivilized bitter loner. Your life will be even worse in that case. 
    Gotta find that happy medium.

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