Assaulted, can I sue?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MN4Lyfe, Aug 21, 2015.

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  1. So I was driving home from uptown Minneapolis with my gf. On the way home I was giving food and water to a homeless man and the guy behind me started honking non stop. I flip him off and he speeds ahead of me cuts me off gets out and socks me 3 times in the face!! It was VERY heavy traffic I called 911 they said they had 10 other calls about it and I am pressing charges. So I was just wondering if I could sue his ghetto ass. (He cut me nose a little, but hit like a bitch)
  2. This is ta common thing unfortunately. He is a pussy but luckily you are alive.

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  3. Talk to a lawyer.
  4. Sue his ass lol
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  6. No what you should do is man the fuck up!
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    Hold up, you stopped in the middle of traffic to give a homeless some food? Why would you not pull off the street and give the homeless the food? I don't think you're being honest with your story. I think there is more to it.

  8. I'm gonna tell you like a great attorney I once knew told it to me...You can sue for anything.

    All you need is an attorney that can win.[​IMG]

  9. By the way, what are you going to sue him for? You can press charges and have him take a trip to jail for a few days. But what are you suing for? A cut on the nose? Are you losing sleep over this cut?
  10. Well it can't have been that underwhelming if 10 other people phoned about it. Speak to a lawyer
  11. Best to speak with a lawyer...iirc, the Minnesota State Bar Association and/or the Hennepin County Bar have lawyer=referral services, where an initial consultation is either free or doesn't cost much.

    (I used to live in Minnesota years ago (in Hastings, btw), but I've moved a couple times...I still get back there at least once a year!)
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    Can you sue? Sure. Will you prevail? Possibly. Now, what about collection? If they have no assets, then you are stuck with a piece of paper...and a bill from your attorney. This is not a case that is apt to be taken on contingency, so that also means you will be expected to front at least a chunk of the anticipated costs of litigation.

    Your better bet is to wait on that decision until after criminal charges can be filed and disposed of. Restitution can be included in the sentence and judgment and they DO have some means of collecting. Further, the conviction opens the door to getting medical bills paid through the State Crime Victim's Compensation Program (most have some variation of that name).

    Be aware that civil litigation will likely involve depositions and yes, they can also get your records on the internet. So if you are contemplating litigation, among the first things you need to know is quit discussing the incident on the web.

  13. I would speak to a lawyer. Grasscity isn't really the correct place to seek legal advice.
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