Assassin's Creed 3: Brotherhood

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  1. GUYS!!!! assassins creed 3 beta (ps3 only fuck that) starts oct 4th and the game releases in NOVEMBER!! is anyone else as pumped as i am to figure out what the FUCK happens next inthe plot lol... They just leave ya fucking hanging there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea...did i has fucking MULTIPLAYER!
  2. I cant wait. We can choose from multiple assassins who have special techniques? Fucking badass. I just got finished playing assassins creed 2 for the second time. I beat the first one twice also. I have high hopes for this one.

  3. I beat the first one LONG ago when i still had my ps3 but it crapped out, i just recently got the 2nd last week after waiting far too long, and beat it....yesterday the plot....exploded my skull into 10000 pieces and im FUCKING PISSED the beta for 3 is only on ps3!!!!!!!!!!! Sony owns its no fun hahahahhahaha. I'm really pumped to figure out what the FUCK that ending was all all biblical and egyptian and shit way crazy.....they say the plot only takes place in Rome in the third tho...meaning the actual plot has yet to continue.... If history is should take place in either asia, or africa europe was trying to take over both in the time the 2nd one ended....I just cant wait to play in the time John Wilkes Booth kills lincoln to see what conspiracy the developers put him behind lol. I mean.... they pretty much put Thomas Edison and Henry Ford in the most horrid position in the truth files in the 2nd hahaha.... fucking conspiracy games rock
  4. I'm super excited. Everytime I beat an Assassins Creed I'm super bummed out that I have to wait 2+ years for the next one so I'm glad its only been a year since AC2

  5. I totally just read something, this isnt AC3, its AC2: Brother hood, its a continution of Ezio's story of saving/cleaning up Rome, the Colosseum is supposedly involved hehehe.... AC3... is going to be the story of Desmund going into various time periods to find those Vaults containing "The ones who came first" and saving the world from a huge 2012 solar flare (cause as we learned in AC2, the sun, is NOT a star...its alive...some soft of god/guardian of the universe). In other words, they are going to make AC3 so fucking awesome they are releasing us a multiplayer time waster, so we can play for more that 14 hours hahahahaha
  6. Did you say Mulitplayer....oh fuck yes I'm gonna pick this up!

  7. multiplayer, multi classed, and single player looks like poison DARTS were added on top of the dagger, which is better...its kinda annoying having to be fucking 2 feet behind someone to create a distraction with the poison. Im kinda sad we wont be getting much more of this whole people before humans/end of earth plot tho.... i was really lookin forward to that
  8. I'm looking forward to exploring Rome. I thought they did such an excellent job of recreating Renaissance Italy

  9. No doubt, i just want more of Desmunds story, not so much Ezio hahah, i mean, he killed a fucking pope what else more could he need to do to be the most bad ass motha fucka ever
  10. This is still AC2 but expanding on Ezio. I'm still going to get this though. Good thing I just got a PS3 too. :D

  11. haha yea i corrected myself, its the third game, but not the third installment. Like FF X/2 only not lame
  12. What will suck me into getting this game is that I find it hard to play Assassin's Creed without a story. It gets boring to me when I just fuck around in whatever city after the game is done.
  13. dude it was perfect, about a few weeks after AC2 came out i went to Italy and it was great because i was already going to Florence and Venice and had been planning on visiting familiar places that i had already found to be cool in the game (the game did actual serve to help find cool places) and then i went to Montereggioni (the uncles villa) randomly while going to Volterra

    the point of the trip was not about AC2 but it was nice how they fit together


    when AC2 came out i was in a no-lifer state and beat it in 2 days

  14. Hehehe you didnt happen to visit Auditore did you, its a tiny village out there from what ive read its where they got his last name

  15. no, i didn't but everywhere else was pretty amazing. just looked at Venice on google earth for the first time and they did it differently (since they don't have streets for cars they made up for street view differently). place is a maze...

  16. hahaha i can only imagine, ive never been but its my dream to live much stuff has happened there that was world changing
  17. Hell yeah I can't wait to get that game. AC2 was like a Book, Movie, and video game all in one.

  18. In the game Ezio doesnt kill the Pope Rodrigo Borgia. Remember? He lets him go. It is true that that specific pope did survive an assasiantion attempt though.

  19. I'm not sure if i could live there for too long, with the canal noise and all the tourists (and the blazing hot summers) i might get tired of it. but wow, the glass work on the neighboring island of Murano is amazing! the glass in Venice stores is from Murano but when you go the island and see people making all sorts of things it is just incredible. oddly they don't really make bongs and pipes... but my dream involving Venice is to one day return with a couple hundred Euro and explain to one of the guys how to make a bong and i want a cockatiel or maybe a macaw on it with some frogs and other stuff. the glass work there is incredible..

  20. no no, he doesnt kill him quickly, if you remember, you totally already got him with a kill move when it starts the cut scene where he tosses you backwards, he is bleeding like a motha fucka, then you beat him senseless, and take the only thing providing him the power to do anything, he dies later on after laying there, you even say requescat in pace to him, and in history, he died in that same year lol. Just.. of a "sickness"

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