Assassinated in Paris: Three women found shot in the head and lying side-by-side in K

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  1. [quote name='"LDSR"']^ Even then other factors would have to be accounted for. I'm not a researcher/scientist but coming up with a definitive answer seems quite difficult...if it's even possible imo.[/quote]

    Yea very true. I mean it's not like you can look at one law like banning assault rifle or guns all together then look at one statistic like no deaths from guns and say that it is a success even though violent crime and deaths rose 3 times after.

    ^^^ that was just an example

  2. Of course - it's a multi-faceted problem. Which is why no one has ever claimed that gun control will prevent 100% of all gun crime.

    Which was the point of this thread:

  3. this. :wave:

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