Ass vs Arse

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 9, 2002.


Ass or Arse

  1. Ass

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  2. Arse

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  3. NuBBiN

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  1. tha was a hard one to choose....I was so uundecided...wheres the asspoo choice?
  2. Haha! NuBBin is in the poll! Haaaaaaaaa!!!

    Erm.... I'm gonna vote for arse, 'cos this is obviously mean towards NuBBiN...... if you mean to NuBBs, you goin' to hell.
  3. You posted at the same time as me......

    Asspoo....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!!
  4. Asspoo? lol isnt that just another word for shit, not ass?lol, who cares
  5. I choose Nubbin and I would do it all over again if I got the chance ;)

    Nubbin is an ass ;) Nubbin is an ass ;) Nubbin is an ass ;)

  6. HAHA! I just got your quote girlie....see a vacuum produces suction..and if someone lived in a vacuum it would literally suck!...BRILLIANT
  7. hahahahhahaahahahhaha You just got that?

    I wondered if it was too witty for you guys ;)

    p.s. I know what you mean though it still cracks me up when I read it because it's so stupid it's awesome.
  8. I had always thought it was just an "im all rebellious and I hate my life" type quotes tha dont make any sense other than "life sucks"...ehh...its the little things that give me the giggles when stoned
  9. can i get some of that nubbin over here??

  10. It's the little things that make me laugh too, the first time I heard that I laughed my ass off that's why it's my signature.

    That's funny you all thought I was being figurative.
    Hmm maybe I should include a little interpretation at the bottom to avoid any further confusion.

    p.s. maybe since your mister big shot mod you could take care of that for me since you seemed so eager to help me out in editing my post earlier. Thanks for all your help hank ;)
  11. roger that..ill get right on it
  12. Who the FUck is Roger?

    ohhhhhhh.............................................shit ;)

    just kidding I don't like to moch people
  13. Hmmmm.............I just can't decide which one to pick. Maybe I need more info or something. LOL. Does Nubbin have a nice ass or just an arse?.............LOL. I think maybe I've smoked too much weed today or drank too many white russians. LOL.
  14. *blushes* awwwwwww, you did that for me *lol*
    thank you kind sir what you have done is a great justice to all man kind. Thanks to you no stoner no matter how slow will miss out on this brilliant, brilliant one liner.

    Truly, truly I thank you my friend ;)
  15. that son of a bitch rabbit wont let go of my pointer!...
  16. Where did you find that? Whoever made that was either really fucking bored or very easily amused ;)

    p.s. That's what you get for sticking your pointer where it doesn't belong Nubbin ;)
  17. that little bitch ass rabbit should be put in a vacuum..then we'd see if he liked hangin on to my pointer
  18. Solution:

    stick your pointer in the vacuum you were probably going to anyway ;)

    p.s. if you spin your pointer around he'll fall right off

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